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    Debby Ryan Re-Created All Her Disney Characters In This TikTok And It's Glorious

    "The president said to make a TikTok..."

    Unless you were hiding under a rock all throughout the 2010s, you definitely remember Debby Ryan and her many iconic Disney Channel roles, from Bailey on The Suite Life on Deck to Jessie Prescott on Jessie.

    Debby Ryan as Bailey on "The Suite Life on Deck" and Jessie on "Jessie"

    You may also remember her being in a little Disney Channel movie called Radio Rebel. It's about a high schooler with a DJ alter ego, and its soundtrack lives in the deep recesses of my mind, along with my last two brain cells.

    Debby's character Tara making a weird, cringe smirk

    A few months ago, everyone realized just how funny Debby’s facial expression was when she saw Gavin onstage. And with the power of the internet, the Radio Rebel meme was born.

    when the teacher would use my work as an example

    On Monday, Debby posted this TikTok — and let me tell you, it deserves ALL THE AWARDS.

    She re-created the looks of her most iconic characters, including Jessie from Jessie...

    Debby as Jessie in blouse, knee-high skirt, and boots

    Bailey from The Suite Life on Deck...

    Debby as Bailey in crop top and slack shorts

    And Patty from Insatiable!!

    Debby as Patty in extravagant dress, holding a dagger

    But the best part? SHE DID THE RADIO REBEL MEME, Y'ALL!!!!

    Naturally, Twitter had the best reactions:

    the way debby ryan is the first person to acknowledge their own meme and not kill it...her power

    she said no one’s going to out do debby ryan doing debby ryan but debby ryan

    POV: Tiktok actually gets banned. Debby Ryan bringing back the radio rebel face to distract trump so we can all sneak back into the whitehouse and bring the app back:

    Anyway, I think we can all agree that Debby won this one.