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    I Can't Stop Looking At This Picture Of Taylor Swift And Marilyn Manson

    Why is this also so relatable?!

    The best pictures of celebrities are awkward pictures of celebrities with other celebrities you'd never imagine in a picture together.

    Maximo TV

    There's the one where Aaron Carter is grinding with Destiny's Child.

    J. Vespa / WireImage


    The one with RuPaul, Nirvana, and Courtney Love.

    Jeff Kravitz / FilmMagic, Inc


    And the one with Sisqo, a coffee machine, and Tom Green.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    What is even going on!

    But now we have a new picture to add to the collection!

    Gareth Davies / Getty Images

    And no, it's not this picture of Beyoncé and Kelly Osbourne. This has been in the collection for years now.

    So, Taylor Swift performed at Wango Tango.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    Backstage she took a picture with Marilyn Manson, and it's probably the best thing to come out of her current music era.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    This is the picture this entire BuzzFeed post is dedicated to:

    Her face.

    His face.

    I love everything about this picture.

    In conclusion, I'll leave you with this picture of Rihanna and Justin Bieber because whoa.

    Theo Wargo / Getty Images

    The end.

    Sorry, I needed to post the picture once more.

    H/T to Ryan Lamont for capturing this *moment*.

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