12 Things I Was Confused About Watching "Last One Laughing Canada"


    Recently, Prime Video premiered Last One Laughing Canada – a show where 10 Canadian comedians get locked up in a room for 6 hours with one goal in mind – try not to laugh.

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    The show has been adapted around the globe including Mexico, Australia, India and Japan where it was originally developed.

    The series features some top tier comedy legends including Tom Green, Colin Mochrie, Dave Foley, Caroline Rhea and is hosted by Jay Baruchel.

    Here are some of the things I learned about this ragtag group of funny makers:

    🚨 This post may contain spoilers 🚨

    1. Jay Baruchel either has a big potty mouth, or just discovered he was on a streaming service, and wanted to swear as much as humanly possible.

    2. He also seems to really love to laugh. Like a lot. A lot, a lot.

    3. Debra DiGiovanni apparently got the hairy side of her Italian heritage.

    4. While Caroline Rhea fully committed to a bit about her appearance, nobody seemed to notice? Nothing funnier than having to explain a joke to a bunch of comedians.

    5. K. Trevor Wilson's father passed away from cancer two weeks after filming, but used the show as an escape from what was going on his personal life.

    6. Caroline Rhea and Debra DiGiovanni both have secret crushes on Tom Green. One testicle isn't gonna stop them.

    7. It's really hard to understand if some of the bits are funny, because they get zero reaction out of the comedians. If a comedian laughs in the woods... does anyone hear it?

    Do you hear that? It's the sound of comedians failing miserably to make other comedians laugh #LOLCanada

    Twitter: @PrimeVideoCA

    8. Brandon Ash-Mohammed is the perfect example of this. He didn't get a yellow card (a warning) the entire season. Is he THAT good or just genuinely found none of them funny?

    9. Tom's strategy to take down Mae Martin was repeating the phrase "delicious cheese sandwich" until she cracked. It worked.

    Anyone for a cheese sandwich? Heard @tomgreenlive makes a delicious one 🥪 #LOLCanada

    Twitter: @PrimeVideoCA

    10. On the show they hired a series of "laugh spotters" who were attached to specific comedians. If anyone even so much as cracked a smile, it was flagged to the producers from one of the spotters.

    11. Apparently Tom Green doesn't understand that mimes can't talk.

    12. And finally, Colin Mochrie is (surprisingly) an amazing freestyle rapper for a "Scotch-Canadian guy in their 60s".

    LOL Canada is now streaming on Prime Video (worldwide!)