36 White People Who Need To Be Stopped

Join the revolution. #stopwhitepeople.

36. This girl modeling a dress made out of cheese:

Why does she even have that much cheese? Who needs that much cheese?

35. Kelsey and her brother:

I… just… WHAT?

34. This woman who stabbed her husband with a squirrel:

33. Lisa Wiltson:

32. Anyone who takes a picture of themselves drinking a candle:

31. This couple:


30. The girl who tried to have sexual relations with a poster:

That is not how it works.

29. On the ground, naked, with a pizza box selfie girl:

28. The girl who was #stabbed:

#stabbed #ilovemylife.

27. The girl who photographed her cryingg <\<3:

26. The purple-tie dude that all the women “stair” at:

Also, pretty much anyone who has ever worn a purple tie.

25. The Family Sperm:

24. That guy everyone knows:

23. Lucy from The Bachelor:

ABC / Via popwatch.ew.com

22. The mom who fed her dog Starbucks:

And ‘grammed it too.

21. The goofy hat-wearing people pictured in the Wikipedia page for “Grinding”:

Is he dancing with himself?

20. This girl who jumps like a horse:

19. This girl who has literally no idea about her boyfriend’s lack of interest in her:

He’s looking at his phone the ENTIRE TIME.

18. The person who uses their calculator to speak with the Holy Spirit:

God works in mysterious ways.

17. This disgusting human being:


16. The guy with the worst tattoos ever:

These tattoos were old literally 35 seconds after they were drawn.

15. The girl who literally discovered the only way you shouldn’t take a selfie:

14. The “what’s right” girl:


13. Kaylynn:

That’s not how hospitals work.

12. The coolest dudes who have ever lived:


11. The 1998 valedictorian of Kiss My Ass High:

10. The man who believes his daughter’s breast milk is keeping him alive:

9. The Skittles family:


8. The woman named Beautiful Existence:

7. Every single person who is alive and functional with a Pineapple Head:

6. The boy who wants to be an unemployed SpongeBob when he grows up:

5. Anyone who has ever gone to an ugly Christmas sweater party:


4. The person who decided that this was somehow OK to share with the millions and millions of people on Facebook:

3. The guy with the saddest dog in the world:

2. The guy who jerked off, while on meth, while fighting off 15 cops:


1. And every single person who comments on this article saying something like this:


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