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    21 Reasons Why No One Should Have New York Values

    No, really.

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    So, unless you've been living under a rock or have enough self-respect to not watch political debates, you've heard about Ted Cruz slamming what he calls "New York values":

    What exactly are "New York values"? Well, they're something no one should have, obviously.

    1. New York values are not giving a fuck on the subway:

    2. Or on the street:

    3. They're about generosity during a marathon:

    4. Or during a rainstorm:

    5. They're about sharing some music:

    6. Sharing a game of monopoly:

    7. Sharing the gift of song:

    8. Or sharing your sick Jet Ski moves:

    9. They're about coming together for people in need:

    10. Or pizza in need:

    11. They're this:

    12. This:

    13. This:

    Pool / Getty Images

    14. And this:

    Jennifer Foster / Via

    15. New York values are about speaking your mind:

    Timothy A. Clary / AFP / Getty Images

    16. Anytime, any place:

    17. They're about finding beauty in the little things:

    18. And pigeons wearing bread:

    19. They're about having love for local legends:

    20. About everyone taking the exact same picture of the sunset but secretly enjoying it:

    21. And, to sum it up, New York values are basically this guy personified:


    That's what they are.

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