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34 Things From 2012 That Made You Feel Old

Remember everything that made you feel old this year. Happy 2013!

1. The woman on the Blink-182 album was arrested this year, and this is what her mugshot looked like:

2. The cast of "Full House" reunited for their 25TH ANNIVERSARY.

3. The kid from "Problem Child" doesn't look like this anymore...

He looks like this:

4. Fifteen years after its original release, "Titanic" was released in 3-D.

5. And this is what Leo looks like toasting today.

6. The CD turned 35 this year.

7. Eminem turned 40.

8. And his daughter Hailie is 17.

9. In December, she took down Taylor Swift.

10. S Club reunited this year...and here's how that went:

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Not so well...

11. Lizzie McGuire had a baby.

12. And this is what her "little brother" looks like today:

13. "The Mighty Ducks" movie turned 20.

14. Pong turned 40.

15. Brad Pitt turned 50.

16. And Lindsay Lohan's first mugshot turned five.

17. The original Gerber Baby sassed up the "Today" show.

18. The Backstreet Boys celebrated their 19th anniversary.

19. And if Sonic were a human, he could now legally drink.

20. "Boy Meets World" has been off the air long enough for Corey and Topanga to have a 13-year-old child in the reboot

21. Lisa Turtle made her return to TV.

22. Beans from "Even Stevens" joined Facebook.

23. The Super Nintendo has now been released closer to when...

...we landed on the moon than to today.

24. Sasha and Malia:

25. AIM (just about) died.

26. Smarterchild actually died.

27. All of this basically means you will never see these away messages ever again:



30. Chuck E. Cheese no longer looks like this:

In 2012, he was redesigned to look like this:

31. Wendy's also went from this:

To this:

32. Sixteen years ago, Nintendo released the N64.

In 2012, Nintendo released the Wii U.

33. Kids born today will have no idea what these taste like:

34. And if none of those made you feel old, then just remember: Starting next year, kids born in 2000 will be teenagers.