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24 Pictures That Prove Teenage Girls Are The Future

There's hope.

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Regardless of politics, it's no secret that everything is kind of a shitshow right now.

Dave Stopera/BuzzFeed

But there's one thing to be hopeful about:

Every time I get concerned today, I just remind myself that teenage girls are going to save the whole damn world.

1. Yes, it's true: T(w)eenage girls are our only hope.

2. Thought they were just busy taking selfies and texting? WRONG. They are actually saving us from impending doom.

3. And getting ready to be our future.

Instagram: @middleferg

But other than giving us literal hope for future generations, teenage girls are doing so much important work we haven't even begun to recognize.

5. For example, they are revolutionizing the way chickens are fed.

6. They are joining forces to achieve greatness.

7. And they are pushing each other to become more and more successful every day. I mean, that's a shit ton of pens!!

8. They are also showing no fear. This girl put her foot through a damn wall! That's badass.

9. And teenage girls are always thinking of new and better ways to do things.

10. Plus they're artistic.

11. And they are bitter (in a good way lol).

12. But it's not just teenage girls. It's the little ones, too.

Instagram: @ljdeanphotography

13. They'll turn into teens one day too.

Instagram: @emshesh

14. And then they'll be a teen ready to save the world.

Instagram: @more_melimel

23. ’Cause this is our future.

Instagram: @knack

24. And one of them is gonna lead us one day.

Instagram: @ello_kitty

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