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    Updated on Apr 25, 2020. Posted on Apr 23, 2020

    You Were Definitely The "Rich Friend" If You Grew Up With These Things In The Early 2000s

    The American dream is owning a "garage fridge" and filling it with Snapples in glass bottles.

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    1. A refrigerator that looked like a cabinet:

    Everyone's rich friend's kitchen wasn't complete without a refrigerator camouflaged as a cabinet.

    2. A trash drawer that was also a cabinet:

    Rich people love a cabinet!

    3. A walk-in pantry that was the size of a studio apartment:

    4. A bed that looked like a car:


    It wasn't even comfortable!

    5. Beverages in glass bottles:

    The best part of going to your rich friend's house was raiding their fridge and drinking their Snapples.

    6. A *WORKING* air hockey table:

    Anyone could own an air hockey table but only the 1% had an actual working one.

    7. A Bose CD player in the TV room:

    8. And a 5.1 surround in the TV room:

    This also came with like three remotes you were afraid to even touch.

    9. A Tivo (before you even heard of DVRs):

    10. Britney 4Wheelers:


    The original and more fashionable Heely.

    11. A purse that had your first initial on it:

    Screams Mean Girls.

    12. A "Mudroom."

    Your rich friend's Mudroom wasn't complete without some kind of insane storage bench.

    13. A zip line:

    Dangerous but fun.

    14. A large wooden playhouse:

    I still want one of these and I'm in my thirties.

    15. A trampoline:

    Everyone from the neighborhood wanted to jump on it. Everyone from the neighbor got injured falling off it.

    16. A subscription to any magazine, but especially Nickelodeon magazine:


    "Nickelodeon Magazine, PLEASE."

    17. A large collection of chunky VHS tapes:


    What a beautiful stack.

    18. A model-train room:

    Your rich friend's dad would kill you if he ever caught you in it.

    19. A collection of fancy collector Barbies they never took out of the box:

    20. A Princess Diana Beanie Baby:

    The epitome of wealth.

    21. A pile of Uggs at the door or in the Mudroom:


    Nothing says "rich friend group" like a pile of Uggs at the door.

    22. A pinball machine:

    It was always in the basement.

    23. A car with a TV on the back of the seat:

    It was always built into the seats but I couldn't find a picture of it.

    24. And a N64 that was just for the car:

    Iris Schneider / Los Angeles Times via Getty Imag

    25. A giant teddy bear:

    Just because.

    26. Wooden toys:

    Barneys New York

    Splinters included.

    27. A fountain:

    Rich people had fountains. The *richest* kid in school had one that actually worked.

    28. A framed portrait of their dog that they clearly had a photo shoot for:

    Cr8tivguy / Getty Images

    Can't fault them for this!

    29. A painting of their dog:

    Viktor Kashin / Getty Images

    Bonus points if the dog looked like an old British man.

    30. Fancy ice cream loaves:


    Ooh la la.

    31. An assortment of food you would only find at a baseball concession stand:

    Choco Tacos, Chipwitches, and Big League Chew.

    32. Individually wrapped assortment of chips:

    Going to your rich friend's pantry was like going to an in-real-life vending machine.

    33. Fancy sodas you've never even heard of before:

    Blue, green, orange!

    34. Multiple American Girl dolls:

    The Rolls-Royce of dolls.

    35. A DDR set:

    Your rich friend basically had a mall inside their house.

    36. An i-Zone camera:

    One of the greatest inventions of the 21st century.

    37. Yogurt you put candy in:

    Instagram: @retrostorage

    Because I'm pretty sure only your rich friend bought this stuff.

    38. Kudos:

    The "healthy" candy bar.

    39. Kid Cuisines:

    The most questionable pudding ever eaten.

    40. Multiple seasons of television shows on DVD:

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    They were expensive!!!

    41. A computer that looked like this:

    Tim Boyle / Getty Images

    Your rich friend's family computer was always some space-age looking iMac.

    42. A piano room:


    No one ever actually went in the piano room because no one actually played the piano.

    43. A bottle of J.Lo's Glow perfume:


    That bottle belongs in a Lourve.

    44. Lunchables

    Cardboard pizza. Yum!

    45. A bowl of Andes mints:

    46. A second refrigerator in the garage or basement just for beverages:

    FILLED with glass Snapples.

    47. A very thick TV:

    Just looking at it makes me feel heavy.

    48. Sharper Image air purifiers in every bedroom:

    Sharper Image anything TBH.

    49. iHome players in every bedroom:

    And they always showed it off by using the remote for it.

    50. A series of professionally taken photos of the entire family (all wearing the matching outfits) that lined the hallway:

    Aldomurillo / Getty Images

    Also, they were always outside!

    51. Any kind of ice cream with bubblegum eyes:

    A combination that never even made sense.

    52. A Coach wristlet:

    Screams "dad bought me a Jetta for my 16th birthday."

    53. Toaster Strudel:

    Instagram: @glennfowlerfitness

    Poptarts for the wealthy.

    54. Razor scooters that they never used:

    Chris Hondros / Getty Images

    55. And lastly, a robotic animal:

    Twitter: @The90sLife

    Honestly, let's be real, no one actually owned one of these even though we include it in every BuzzFeed list.

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