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45 Celebrity Facts That Sometimes Keep Me Up At Night, Like I Can Never Forget Them

These ones I'll never forget.

1. First and foremost, you remember Frankie Muniz?

Frankie's headshot
Al Pereira / Getty Images

Well, apparently he retired at 19 with $40 million in the bank.

Frankie responding to a fan by saying he retired at 19 with 40 million in the bank

2. The Rock eats and documents his ENORMOUS "cheat" meals.

We're talking four double dough* pizzas.

Legendary cheat meal day continues.. Round 2: 1 Rock vs 4 Double Dough Pizzas: Rock wins. #RockKOsPie

Twitter: @TheRock

*I didn't even know "double dough" was a thing.

And here's dessert:

3. Lorde has a "secret" onion ring account where she reviews onion rings.

4. Cara Delevingne has a vagina tunnel in her house.

cara opening up a pink wall tunnel
Architectural Digest / Via

Yes, a vagina tunnel.

a door that looks like a vagina
Architectural Digest / Via

And here's the vagina tunnel exit:

A door that looks like a washing machine
Architectural Digest / Via

5. This is Kourtney Kardashian's children's playhouse.

Architectural Digest / Via

Yup, a playhouse.

Architectural Digest / Via

6. Matthew Perry is missing part of his middle finger:

Matthew Perry showing off his short middle finger
David Klein / Getty Images

7. AOC's nickname is Sandy.

Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images

8. Christopher Walken's old friends called him Ronnie.

Foc Kan / WireImage / Getty Images

His birth name is Ronald.

9. Calvin Harris's real name is Adam. Like, that's what Taylor Swift called him when they were dating.

Lauren Hurley - Pa Images / PA Images via Getty Images

10. This Ashanti tweet still exists:

How many ladies aint scared 2 fart in front of ur man?

Twitter: @ashanti

11. This Lil Jon tweet still exists:


Twitter: @LilJon

12. And yes, thank god this Kris Jenner tweet still exists:

I just sharted myself. That's when u fart and u shit yourself on accident!

Twitter: @KrisJenner

13. Ths is Brad Pitt's brother, Doug Pitt:

at a premiere in LA
Tiffany Rose / Getty Images

14. Ryan Reynolds has three brothers:

at the Hollywood Walk of Fame
Getty Images

15. Scarlett Johansson has a twin brother named Hunter.

on a red carpet
Patrick Mcmullan / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

16. Rami Malek has a twin brother named Sami.

at the Golden Globes
Paul Archuleta / FilmMagic / Getty Images

17. Rachel McAdams has a sister who looks exactly like her named Kayleen McAdams.

at a basketball game
Bruce Bennett / Getty Images

18. This is what Helen Mirren looked like in her 20s:

in stylish '70s wear
Getty Images

19. This is what Ricky Gervais looked like in his 20s:

looking like a young george michael
Getty Images

20. This is what Morgan Freeman looked like when he was a teenager:

21. Here's what you think of when you think of Bob Ross:

painting a painting
Getty Images

And here's what Bob Ross looked like in his 20s:

young and in the military

22. Here's what you think of when you think of Jason Momoa:

a big beautiful burly man
David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images

And here's what Jason Momoa looked like in his 20s:

he was on Baywatch
Evan Agostini / Getty Images

23. The Goo Goo Dolls were originally named the Sex Maggots.

Goo Goo Dolls accepting an award
Frank Micelotta Archive / Getty Images

24. Limp Bizkit were originally going to be called Blood Fart.

the group limp bizkit in 2001
John Rogers / Getty Images

25. The Spice Girls were originally named Touch.

in 1998
Dave Hogan / Getty Images

26. There also used to be another Spice Girl named Michelle.

a picture of Michelle in an interview

27. Hannah Montana was almost called Alexis Texas.

Hannah Montana in 2007
Kevin Mazur / WireImage / Getty Image

28. Monica Lewinsky is very funny; she's always making jokes like this on Twitter:

@AdamMGrant an internship at the white house will be amazing on your resume. 😳

Twitter: @MonicaLewinsky

29. James Blunt is also very funny; he's always making jokes like this on Twitter:

Yup, it's called "Greatest Hit". RT @Farrsigh: There's a "best of" James Blunt? Really?

Twitter: @JamesBlunt

30. Taylor Hanson has seven children.

Zac Hanson has four kids.

And Isaac Hanson has three kids.

For those not keeping track, that means there are currently 14 spawn of Hanson.

the Hanson 3
Brenda Chase / Getty Images

31. Eddie Murphy has 10 children.

on a red carpet with his many kids
David Livingston / Getty Images

32. Before he met SMG, Freddie Prinze Jr. was dating this person named Kimberly McCullough:

at the Teen Choice Awards
Getty Images

33. Nicole Kidman's hair is naturally this curly:

in Sydney with very very curly hair
Patrick Riviere / Getty Images

34. Luke Perry has a son named Jack.

in the early '90s at a Cabbage Patch Kids event
Lee Celano / WireImage / Getty Images

He's an amateur wrestler who goes by "Jungle Boy."

35. Eminem's daughter Hailie is 25 now.

36. Jennifer Lawrence has H2O tattooed on her hand to remind her to drink more water.

a closeup of her hand and a faint h20
Getty Images

37. Ed Sheeran has a giant lion tattooed on his chest.

38. This is Tina Fey's husband:

Tina and her hubby
Angela Weiss / AFP via Getty Images

He is a composer, and I've never seen him before.

39. This is Cate Blanchett's husband, Andrew Upton:

theyre hugging
Getty Images

He proposed to her 21 days after they met.

40. These are some of Taylor Swift's first Myspace pictures:

mirror selfie
Taylor Swift / Via Myspace

A classic textured MacBook filter:

textured picture
Taylor Swift / Via Myspace

A moody sepia filter:

sepia tone
Taylor Swift / Via Myspace

And one of these blurry filters:

blurry MacBook effect
Taylor Swift / Via Myspace

41. Taylor also had the most Myspace comments ever, like this:

it says chorttle bitch
Taylor Swift / Via Myspace

Remember when everyone just wrote the most cryptic inside joke shit on people's walls?

42. This was Shaq's first tweet:

it says this is real shaquille oneal and its mispelled

43. And this was Danny DeVito's first tweet:

it says i just joined twitter i dont really get this site or how it works. my nuts are on fire

44. This is what Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle looks like today.

big glasses
he has a bunch of tats and jewlery

45. And lastly, this what Billy from School of Rock looks like today.

being sassy in School of Rock
Paramount Pictures

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