Cara Delevingne's Home Features A Hidden Vagina Tunnel, Which I Didn't Realize Was A Thing Every House Should Have

    100% necessary.

    Straight people have boring homes. Which is why you never want to go to a straight person's home. HOWEVER, queer women have immaculate taste. A prime example of this is Cara Delevingne's vagina tunnel.

    In Cara Delevinge's home, hidden behind a glass pane, lies a VAGINA.

    But it's not just a vagina, it's a vagina tunnel.

    One that can be entered.

    In this tunnel, Cara fosters her creativity.

    I feel energized already!

    And obviously, because it is a vagina tunnel, you can enter it.

    And then exit it.

    The exit is a pink washing machine.

    It's ~symbolic~.

    I used to only have a few major needs for my future home, but now a secret vagina tunnel has been added to the list. And obviously, an additional requirement is that my head must bang up against the clitoris upon every entry.

    Thank you Cara, for being an interior design ICON!!!!!

    You can watch a tour of her really great home here:

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