Taylor Swift's Deleted Myspace Comments And Pictures May Actually Make You Like Her

    It's honestly sad Myspace doesn't exist anymore because I want to see more of these comments.

    Everyone is talking about that new Taylor Swift song but here I am still talking about her old Myspace comments and pictures.

    So, for those not in the KNOW...

    Folklore and ancient legend has it this was Taylor's first MySpace picture.

    Her other Myspace pictures are equally as 2007 and typical of the time period, like this overhead (with flash) mirror picture.

    This picture with a Santa Claus that screams "We're so random, aren't we?!"

    This ancient white Macbook mosaic or whatever it's called.

    Classic "I'm an emo."

    That one filter that was just blurry.

    A "I'm on the phone" (in sepia) picture.

    And the one that looked like a bad drawing.

    Classics. All of them classics!

    Yes, the pictures were great, but the comments were even better. The following are ALLEGED Myspace comments, we can't confirm if they're true, but I really hope they are.

    The one where she says some inside joke gibberish and something about a whore.

    The one where she says the word "chorttle" and stylizes "bitch."

    The iconic "haha fuck sewing machines" comment.

    The one where she talks about deep-throating a lollipop.

    The one with a vague Cartman from South Park reference.

    The one where her she calls out her shitty friend for posting a "fugly" picture of her.

    The one about 2005 Matthew Mcconaughey movie, Sahara.

    The one where she's yelling at her friend for not posting pictures yet.

    The one about her friend's boobs.

    The one where she gets competitive about her friend's top 8 and also uses the phrase "queer fellow."

    The one where she's talking about a sketchy "big white van."

    Here's a quote from a Myspace blog from 2006.

    And a quote of her being really into the Plague.

    And there you have it! That's Taylor's Myspace history!

    In conclusion, here's a picture of her taking a fake Myspace picture for CSI.