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    I Found A Picture Of Paul Rudd From Every Year Since 1993, And Well, The Man Is Definitely A Vampire

    This man dabbles in black magic (or just a really good skincare routine).

    Our first time meeting Paul Rudd was in 1993 at the tender age of 24...

    Paul wearing a t-shirt and shorts as he stands next to a man for a photo

    His long, flowing locks of brown hair.

    Paul in a scene with Ashley Judd

    It's giving me vacation Bible school.

    Age 25 in 1994. He's dressed like a "good ol' boy" from 1967.

    Here he is on a large chair staring off into space.

    1995, the Clueless year.

    He was 26 when it came out.

    This was pretty much the mainstream introduction of him.

    Paul seated at a dinner table next to Alicia Silverstone in a scene from Clueless

    Honestly, I still think it's weird they ended up together, but maybe that's just me!

    Paul's character reading a book about Friedrich Nietzsche next to a pool as Alicia's character looks over his shoulder

    Age 27 in 1996.

    In 1996, he was in that extremely random Clueless TV show reboot for a single episode.

    Age 28 in 1997. A cute lil' headshot.

    1998, age 29, with Jen Aniston.

    The year he had extremely questionable facial hair.

    Paul with mutton chops

    The year is 1999. Paul Rudd is 30. He still has that questionable facial hair.

    The year is 2000. He's 31. He's looking pretty good all dolled up, if I do say so myself.

    Paul in a tux at an awards show

    That same year, he briefly went blonde.

    Age 32 in 2001.

    He really dressed the part for the time period.

    Paul in a striped dress shirt with oversized jeans

    Age 33 in 2002.

    Paul in a suit

    As Rosie O'Donnell would have said, he's very much a "cutie patootie."

    Age 34 in 2003.

    Here he is having a photo shoot with a small Nokia brick phone.

    Age 35 in 2004 in his "Bush is over" tee.

    Age 36 in 2005.

    Paul being interviewed on a late night talk show

    Look at that lil' shit-eating grin!

    Age 37 in 2006.

    Our lil' thespian!

    Paul taking a bow at the end of a play

    Age 38 in 2007.

    Paul wearing a t shirt that says Rental

    Our lil' beanie boy.

    Paul wearing a beanie outside

    Age 39 in 2008.

    Age 40 in 2009.

    Paul looking clean cut in a suit at a red carpet event

    And here's a fun pic of him and Jon Hamm messin' around.

    Paul adjusting Jon's tie

    Age 41 in 2010.

    He looks 2.

    Age 42 in 2011.

    Age 43 in 2012.

    Age 44 in 2013.

    Bearded Paul Rudd is one of my favorite Paul Rudds, FWIW.

    Age 45 in 2014.

    This is when I fully believe he started aging in reverse.

    Paul in a suit walking onto a sidewalk

    Age 46 in 2015.

    The beard is back for 47.

    Big fan!

    Age 48 in 2017.

    Age 49 in 2018.

    A big bowling year, apparently.

    Paul on a red carpet holding a bowling ball

    Age 50 in 2019.

    Again with the bowling.

    Paul signing bowling pins

    51 in 2020.

    And truly fresh-faced and "dewy" on a Zoom call.

    And last but not least, 52 in 2021.

    From 25...

    Paul in a promo photo wearing a denim shirt and a plaid shirt over that 52.

    Paul in a suit and tie at a red carpet event

    Thank you for your time and for going on this journey with me.