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    Here's How Nick Cannon Responded When Andy Cohen Asked Him About Getting A Vasectomy

    2023 will surely be his most productive yet.

    I know this feels like Groundhog's Day by now, but Nick Cannon had his 12th baby last week!

    nick cannon sitting with his elbows on his knees

    That is, no joke, five babies from five different women in 2022 alone.

    nick pointing to the camera

    Baby #5 of THE YEAR was with Alyssa Scott, and her name is Halo Marie Cannon.

    People have been saying Nick is singularly responsible for repopulating the earth for a while now.

    Nick Cannon playing duck, duck, goose with his kids.

    Twitter: @Chris_Najdek

    And it appears as if he's not done yet!

    Nick Cannon after spending a night with his kids.

    Twitter: @_IamHarold

    Nick was on Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper's New Year's Eve show and Andy asked him about his repopulation efforts.

    tv screen with the hosts talking to nick

    "What is your plan here? What is your end game with the kids? Is there a number? Do you want to hit 20?" Andy asked.

    "Andy, clearly I don't have a plan," Nick responded.

    Andy also asked him about getting a vasectomy:

    “Clearly, I don’t have a plan.” Andy Cohen asks Nick Cannon about “repopulating the earth”. (Video: CNN)


    "Is that what you want me to get?!," Nick said.

    "It's my body, my choice."

    nick laughing with the hosts

    So, yep, there you have it! It ain't over till it's over.*

    closeup of nick

    Very much looking forward to Nick breaking his one-year baby record in 2023.