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    Nick Cannon Just Had His 5th Baby In 2022 Alone, And Here's How We Got Here

    What a busy, busy year for Mr. Cannon.

    Nick Cannon just had baby #12!

    Closeup of Nick Cannon

    Which brings us to FIVE babies birthed in one calendar year!

    Nick Cannon onstage


    Closeup of Nick Cannon

    Needless to say, he's a VERY busy guy.

    Nick Cannon on FT with his kids

    World of Wonder/ Twitter: @heyjaeee

    Because that is quite a feat, let's see how we got here...

    His first baby of 2022 was born in July with Bre Tiesi.

    His name is Legendary Love Cannon.

    Baby #2 of 2022 was born in September with LaNisha Cole.

    His name is Onyx Ice Cole Cannon.

    Baby #3 was also born sometime in September, but this time with Brittany Bell.

    Her name is Rise Messiah Cannon.

    Baby #4 of 2022 was born in November with Abby De La Rosa.

    Her name is Beautiful Zeppelin Cannon.

    And lastly, we're on to baby #5 of 2022.

    Closeup of Nick Cannon

    Baby #5's birth was announced today, December 29.

    This one was with Alyssa Scott.

    Her name is Halo Marie Cannon.

    And that, my friends, is how you have five babies in one calendar year.

    Closeup of Nick Cannon

    Let's see if he can break his record in 2023!

    Closeup of Nick Cannon