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    I Figured Out Who And Where All Of Nick Cannon's 12 Babies Came From — Like, It's A Complicated List

    Buckle up and get ready for this ride.

    Yesterday, we found out Nick Cannon is having baby #12!

    That was only five days after we found out about baby #11!

    Which brings us to FIVE baby announcements in ONE calendar year.


    Because I've been feeling a little overwhelmed by all of this breeding, I decided to figure out who and where these 12 babies came from.

    Babies #1 and #2 are his twins he had with Mariah Carey.

    Nick and Mariah dressed as milk and cookies, respectively, for Halloween

    Their names are Moroccan and Monroe Cannon.

    The former couple holding their twins as they're surrounded by balloons

    He had them in 2011.

    Nick with his arms around the twins

    Baby #3 was with Brittany Bell in 2017.

    Nick and Brittany in the front seats of a roller coaster ride

    His name is Golden Sagon Cannon.

    Brittany holding Golden as she stands next to Nick

    Baby #4 was also with Brittany Bell.

    Her name is Powerful Queen Cannon and she was born in 2020.

    Brittany smiles as she holds Powerful next to Nick who's holding up a sketch of him and his daughter

    Babies #5 and #6 were twins Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir Cannon.

    He had them with Abby De La Rosa in June 2021.

    Baby #7 was with Alyssa Scott and named Zen Cannon.

    Tragically, Zen died five months after he was born.

    Baby #8 was born in July 2022 with Bre Tiesi.

    His name is Legendary Love Cannon.

    Baby #9 was with LaNisha Cole.

    Onyx Ice Cole Cannon was born in September 2022.

    Baby #10 was also born sometime in September 2022, but this time with Brittany Bell.

    Her name is Rise Messiah Cannon.

    Baby #11 was announced just about a week ago.

    This time with Alyssa Scott.

    And then, finally, we're on baby #12.

    We just found out that Abby De La Rosa is pregnant with his 12th.

    Exhausted? Me too.

    Let's tally it up!

    Two with Mariah Carey 

    Three with Brittany Bell

    One with Lanisha Cole

    One with Bre Tiesi

    Three with Abby De La Rosa

    Two with Alyssa Scott