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    36 Pictures That Show How Completely Dead NYC Has Become

    This is for everyone who says "NYC is dead."

    1. New York City has had quite a year.

    This is so New York. An electronic sign over the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx reads "Outside With No Mask? Fuhgeddaboutit"

    2. But New Yorkers have handled it in ways only they could:

    A mattress on the sidewalk with the words, "Remember when bed bugs were our biggest fear? miss you xxx" written on it

    3. From this woman with a sign on her back telling people to back the fuck up:

    New Yorkers being New Yorkers #NYC #Covid_19

    Closeup of the sign

    4. To this flow chart from early in the pandemic telling people to stay home:

    The flow chart shows that if you're an essential work then it's OK to ride the subway. If you're not, then you need to go home

    5. All the people clapping at 7 p.m. every day:

    Gives me chills every night. United apart. I love NYC. <3

    6. And this person telling someone to "shut the fuck up" who was singing outside their window:

    7. New York City has kept its *charm*:

    8. From all of the creative face masks:

    In the holiday spirit. #nyc #MTA #nycmta #onlyinnewyork #NY

    9. Like this Chrysler Building one:

    Only in New York! The Chrysler Building face mask...

    Twitter: @johnlundin

    10. To all the good face mask signs:

    Twitter: @BrianKStafford

    11. I particularly like this "weird and gross" sign about littering:

    The sign says "Don't Throw Masks and Gloves on the Ground," especially during a pandemic

    12. Even our statues wear masks!

    Yep. Patience. Fortitude. Wisdom. Strength. #nycstrong

    Twitter: @David_Bisgrove

    13. Seriously, it's a thing:

    Even the statue I walked by had a mask on!

    14. From all the New Yorkers helping each other out, like this friendly neighbor:

    15. To strangers coming together for a "podless" winter social:

    Twitter: @maggiemargolis

    16. To whatever is going on here:

    Twitter: @amieparnes

    17. New Yorkers have shown just how creative they are:

    My friend was doing his famous fried onion burger “burger slide” pickups today in BK. Sold out so fast! You come at a designated time and your burger comes fresh off his backyard grill! It’s everything I love about NY...

    18. The bodegas have kept their senses of humor:

    19. And they've kept us updated on the important things — their cats:

    Bodega on the corner shut down, but the bodega cat is fine!

    Twitter: @neilw

    "Don't worry, our cat Nabi is with us at home."

    20. Life has gone on:

    21. People have done what they can to live a normal life:

    The struggle is real, my man set shop in middle of the street. #onlyinnyc #gottamakethatmoney #nycreopening cc: @Ally110867

    22. Just don't mess with our hand sanitizer:

    In today’s episode of “the new normal”: Why yes, that’s a gallon vat of some very strongly scented hand sanitizer. And yes, it’s winched to the sink with a chain thick enough to tow a car. 😂😂 #onlyinnewyork #onlyinny #watkinsglen #newyork #why #newnormal #tuesdayvibes

    23. Yes, even we can't believe de Blasio ran for president:

    Twitter: @IreneBa54495780

    24. And don't even get us started on Cuomo:

    Love that this is catching on. Only in New York.

    Twitter: @Alteraci

    25. From this socially distanced license plate:

    Twitter: @nycloopstar

    26. To this Ted Cruz missing sign:

    Twitter: @farai

    27. New Yorkers have gotten through the past year with humor:

    Twitter: @HipstersOfNY

    28. And bagels, lots of bagels:

    Twitter: @2AvSagas

    29. And though our curbside dining can be questionable:

    30. Really questionable:

    Phase II curbside dining, Avenue A ✌️

    31. New Yorkers will *truly* do anything for some outdoor seating:

    that tree was trying to social distance

    32. In the past year, New Yorkers have come together:

    This is what #NYTough looks like. Every SINGLE person on my train is wearing a mask! Proud to be a New Yorker because we support a safe environment for all! @NYStateofHealth @NYGovCuomo #COVID19 #WearAMask #WearAMaskSaveALife

    Twitter: @CurlySueChick19

    33. Our first responders never gave up:

    I am a physician on the front lines in NYC and my colleagues and I are doing the best I can with what I have to work with. I go to work to save lives. I sacrifice my own health for yours. The worst is yet to come so PLEASE STAY HOME. #coronavirus #Covid_19 #StayHome

    34. Our businesses remained open:

    Our greatest flex is that our original cart from the 1990's, on 53rd & 6th in NYC, is still standing today (even through a global pandemic) 💪 📸: @ notorious_eat #TheHalalGuys #WeAreDifferent #BeDifferent #AmericanHalalFood #AmericanHalal #Original #NYC #Throwback #NYCStrong

    Twitter: @HalalGuys

    35. And in the end, we all survived this trauma:

    Twitter: @LindsayTuchman

    36. New York isn't so dead after all:

    My neighborhood erupted into cheers not even a minute after Joe Biden was announced the winner. Never change, NYC. #Election2020

    Twitter: @sarahelizdig