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    20 Pictures That Should Absolutely Infuriate Every Single American

    There's got to be a better way.

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    Much like every year in the country's history, 2020 hasn't been great year for voting in the United States.

    In April, during the midst of a global pandemic, people had to wait in long lines in Wisconsin. Last week, the mayor of Washington, DC said their primary election was "unacceptable" and described it as a "failed execution." Today, problems with voting machines have caused "chaos" in Georgia's election.

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    Voting in America is very, very hard.

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    Here are some pictures that show how truly ridiculous voting has been in 2020.

    1. There are long lines.

    This is one third of the line to vote in my neighborhood in DC. Have been waiting for 2.5 hours now.

    2. Lines that last blocks:

    3. Two-hour lines...

    @JaylaWhitfield @FOX5Atlanta @FoxNewsMMR I can’t say. Still in line. No one has walked the line to update us. We are just waiting. 2 hrs plus now. I still have a good distance to go.

    4. Four-and-a-half-hour lines...

    I waited 4.5 hours to vote in DC’s primary tonight. The line when I left @ 9:30pm was even longer than when I arrived. The delay seemed due to only 2 people checking in voters standing in line. ~10 voting machines but only 2 ppl able to use them at any given time. cc: @Vote4DC

    5. I mean, people are bringing CHAIRS.

    When dozens of voters bring chairs to their polling precinct because they expect to be there for hours, that right there is a broken elections system. Let’s talk to people about their chairs!

    6. People are waiting in line until almost midnight to vote:

    11:15pm. Incredible dedication. Stoddert Rec. #DCision2020

    7. Nurses have to come off 13-hour shifts just to wait in three-hour lines.

    The last person in line at Columbia Heights vote center, that is blocks long, is Katie Stein, a nurse at Children’s National. She just worked a 13-hour shift & now has to wait 2-3 hours to vote. She says she’ll try to wait it out cuz it’s important that she make her voice heard.

    8. People aren't receiving their absentee ballots.

    Dear @GaSecofState, I’ve been in line to vote since 7:15am (4 hours). #votega needs some work. Didn’t receive a paper ballot and absentee never arrived. Still waiting (for change).

    9. You shouldn't need to bring survival rations just to vote.

    This is only a block of the line to vote at my precinct. I’m at Kindezi. People have been waiting over 4 hrs. The lines wraps 3 blocks. Fulton: bring drinks, snacks, an umbrella, a chair. This is #votersupression . @KeishaBottoms @GaSecofState

    10. I mean, come on.

    Voting in Ward 1 in DC. Line over 2 hours long. My absentee ballot did not arrive....

    11. Just look at this:

    I’m at the Columbia Heights voting center. It’s an absolute disaster. There are hundreds and hundreds of people in line and they’ve already been waiting for hours. This video is just the first third of the line.

    12. Did I mention this is all in the middle of a global pandemic?

    Line to vote in NW DC wrapping around 3/4ths of a complete city block. Telling folks wait is 2.5 hours or more. Important part is people are voting (and kind of distancing).

    13. How is this safe?

    Wisconsin voters are risking their lives to vote. #WisconsinPrimary #WisconsinPandemicVoting

    14. How many people CAN'T wait in line for two hours?

    Lines waiting to vote in Milwaukee this morning. Milwaukee reduced their polling placing from 180 locations to 5 locations. Every voter in Wisconsin who requested an absentee ballot and did not receive it, must vote in person for their vote to be counted.

    15. How many people aren't physically able to stand in a line for hours?

    Elijah Nouvelage / Getty Images

    16. How many people can spend their entire day waiting in the cold just to vote?

    We've made it only of the parking structure, but at this rate, we'll all have fevers from standin in the cold before we count a single ballot. #WIPrimary #COVID19_WI #freezing

    17. Or spend all day waiting in the 80-degree heat?

    It’s over 80° in Atlanta and the line to vote is two blocks long.

    18. This is ridiculous.

    This is the end of a 90+ minute line for voting. Curfew/Pandemic isn’t helping typical DC inefficiency

    19. Truly ridiculous.

    Hey #DC! If you voted already, put on that “I Voted” sticker to shield yourself from curfew and go to your polling place to take your neighbors some snacks. I just took granola bars to abt 50 hungry ppl who’ve been in line for ~4 hours(?!). @PoPville @EckingtonCivic @DCist

    20. There has to be a better way.

    So glad to see that 6 ft of social distancing is taking place... oh wait.... #WisconsinPrimary is a HOT MESS.

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