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    23 Lindsay Lohan Outfits That Belong In The Pits Of Hell Or A Museum Because They're Iconic

    Lindsay Lohan invented the Jersey Shore look.

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    1. This "I'am going to a birthday party at Libby Liu" tease:

    Bill Davila / FilmMagic

    2. This "end of the year middle school water park trip" look:

    Gregg Deguire / WireImage

    3. This "my jeans are dragging on the ground" look:

    Sgranitz / WireImage

    4. This "my faux JNCO jeans are on the floor, I am a human mop" look:

    Jon Kopaloff / FilmMagic

    5. This "seriously all the bottoms of my jeans are frayed and dirty, and I am constantly tripping on them" look:

    Sgranitz / WireImage

    6. This "these jeans are so low, I don't think I can sit down in them" look:

    Getty Images

    7. This "early hover-hand paired with her Uncle Vito's bowling cap*" look:

    Chris Weeks / WireImage

    *She doesn't have an Uncle Vito as far as I know.

    8. This "straight-off the mannequin at Express" look:

    Vince Bucci / Getty Images

    9. This light blue dress that I'm pretty sure my friend Virginia wore to a Spring Fling dance sophomore year, then her dog got it, and this is where it ended up:

    Getty Images

    10. This like seriously cuffed jeans, early Ed Hardy-inspired look:

    Matthew Peyton / Getty Images

    11. This (way Off-Broadway) Michael Jackson look:

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    12. This "yes, I love appletinis! How did you know?" look:

    Peter Kramer / Getty Images

    13. These "I found a bunch of faux silk scarves on sale at Century 21 and turned them into a dress" look:

    Robyn Beck / AFP / Getty Images

    14. This "I found a macrame plant hanger at my Nana's house and turned it into a vest" look:

    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    15. These too short to be capris and too long to be gauchos look:

    Evan Agostini / Getty Images

    16. This "lets go grab some cosmos at TGI Fridays" look:

    Getty Images

    17. This "I am going to a VMA afterparty with a skirt literally made out my aunt's drapes" look:

    Amanda Edwards / Getty Images

    18. This "I love witch shoes, lace, and probably also Stevie Nicks" look:

    Mark Mainz / Getty Images

    19. This "l love Samantha on Sex and the City" cosplay look:

    Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

    20. This pre-Jersey Shore Jersey Shore look:

    Getty Images

    Looks like she is ready to get the VIP treatment at Karma.

    21. This "I'm dressing up my Juicy Couture track suit with a skinny scarf" look:

    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    22. This "only my neck was cold" skinny scarf look:

    Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

    23. And this early "I would like to speak to the manager" look:

    Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

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