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Posted on Dec 14, 2017

The 28 Most Homophobic Things That Happened In 2017

An official list.

1. "New Rules" wasn't No. 1 for 52 consecutive weeks.

2. Lady Gaga never made a music video for "The Cure."

MTV / Via

3. Christina Aguilera has become an Oreo spokesperson and hasn't released a new album in 33 years.

Getty Images/BuzzFeed

4. The Chainsmokers won two Grammys. CRJ won zero.

5. "Cut to the Feeling" flopped.

Harpo Productions

6. Blake Shelton was the sexiest man alive.


7. Justin Timberlake announced he's performing at the Super Bowl.

8. Robyn did not release a new album.

9. Little Mix did not crossover to the States.

10. "Touch" wasn't a massive hit here either.

11. Twitter isn't our jobs.

do gay people only tweet is that their job

12. No one cared about Fergie's comeback.


13. Fifth Harmony's album flopped.

Sony Records


14. This still happens.

It's homophobic that when I search "Shake It Off" looking for the Mariah song, all the results are about Taylor Swi…

15. There isn't, like, a Victoria's Secret Fashion Show but just with Tree Man.

16. "Bon Appetit" flopped, like, even I can admit it was a good song and I don't exactly have the greatest history with K*ty P*rry.

17. Only gay people currently know about Blue Lips even though it's, like, one of the best albums of the year.


18. We all had to work gay pride month.

19. Britney Spears has yet to announce her bid for president.

Getty Images / Via Facebook: BritneyGermany

20. The Babadook isn't, like, at least a senator.


21. Speaking of Baba-D, Pennywise and Babadook haven't yet wed.

22. People still leave gay people voicemails.

23. Big Little Lies Season 2 isn't coming out for what feels like decades.


24. Drag Race hasn't been on for MONTHS.

25. Janet Jackson tickets were nearly impossible to get.

Literally where is this picture from it's so good

26. I don't have the password for this Wi-Fi network.

27. My gay colleague was turned into a straight meme.

Whoever turned an old Snapchat of me into a straight meme WILL PAY

28. And just, like, Donald Trump.


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