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    Posted on Apr 3, 2017

    This Video Of Reese Witherspoon Saying Hi To 202 People Is Fucking Amazing

    This is the best thing you will see all day. Or at least it was for me!

    Reese Witherspoon went live on Facebook over the weekend, and let me tell you, it was, quite frankly, fucking great.

    Facebook: video.php

    For 30 minutes Reese Witherspoon gave shoutouts to randos like you and me. If you know what ASMR is, then you will fucking love this. Reese Witherspoon saying people's names and places for a solid 30 is all the zen I will ever need.

    Her voice is like the Pure Moods of speaking. The perfect soundtrack for your way of life.

    View this video on YouTube

    SOOO, because this is so important to me, and because you want to know if Reese says your name. I recorded all the names Reese says and why. Enjoy my wasted time.

    People Reese Witherspoon just says "hi" to:

    1. Rachel

    2. Ron

    3. Patricia

    4. Regina

    5. Francesa

    6. Crystal Anne

    7. Leslie Anne

    8. Sara

    9. April

    10. Morgan

    11. Megan

    12. Jamie

    13. Neesha

    14. Kendall

    15. Kimberly

    16. Alexandra

    17. Trevor

    18. Angela

    19. Rhonda

    20. Cheyenne

    21. Heather

    22. Margaret

    23. Careen

    24. Jasper

    25. Robert

    26. Mary

    27. Alexandra

    28. Barb

    29. Chloe

    30. Amy

    31. Carly

    32. Missy

    33. Amanda

    34. Heather

    35. Jenelle

    36. Jasmine

    37 Brie

    38. Terri

    39. Jen

    40. Christopher

    41. Leslie

    42. Brittany

    43. Jess

    44. Brittany

    45. Amy

    46. Allison

    47. Reese

    48. Kim

    49. Lillian

    50. Rebecca

    51. Noelle

    52. Kelly

    53. Samantha

    54. Laura

    55. Jaleesa

    People Reese Witherspoon says "hi" to PLUS the place they're from:

    56. Shelly from Mississippi

    57. Lydian from Devon

    58. Julie from Tennessee

    59. Shelly from Canada

    60. Tommy from Ohio

    61. Laura in the UK

    62. Jennifer from Woodlands

    63. Carly from Colorado

    64. Hope from Jonesboro

    65. Shelby from Michigan

    66. Jessica from Hayward, California

    67. Julianne from Australia

    68. Antonio from Greece

    69. Eli from Arizona

    70. Robert from Tampa

    71. Christina from Washington

    72. Jackie from Charlottesville

    73. Mackenzie in Montana

    74. Karen from Scotland

    75. Michelle from Minnesota

    76. Carrie from Canada

    77. Sandra from Chicago

    78. Amy from Houston, Texas

    79. Jana from Wisconsin

    80. Pam from the Philippines

    81. John from Akon, South Carolina

    82. Nina from Virginia

    83. Sev from Seattle

    84. Deborah Ferell from the UK

    85. Diana from Louisiana

    86. Louis from Philly

    87. Hi Jared in Mount Carmel”

    People Reese Witherspoon says "hey" to:

    88. David

    People Reese Witherspoon talks to about Guatemala about with:

    89. Juan Pablo. Reese says "I would love to go to Guatemala. I’ve only been once but I would love to go again. It’s gorgeous and the beaches are amazing.”

    People Reese Witherspoon talks to about Jennifer Aniston with:

    90. Scott. Reese says: "I love Jennifer Aniston. We always talk about that [the episodes Reese was in.] I was so lucky to be on Friends. Just two episodes.”

    People Reese Witherspoon is worried about being cold:

    91. Jeanine. Reese says: "You’re in Indiana? I hope it’s not too cold.”

    92. Jen. Reese says: "Oh no, you’re in cold Maryland. Do you wanna see the beach? It’s so pretty.”

    93. Elizabeth. Reese says: "Oh no, you’re in a snowstorm! I hope you’re warm.”

    People Reese Witherspoon sincerely asks how they are as if they are a relative she sees once a year:

    94. Phillip. Reese says: “Hi Phillip. How are you?"

    95. Ricardo. Reese says: "How are you? It’s nice to see you.”

    96. John. Reese says: "Hi John from Kansas City. How’s it going?”

    97. Another John. Reese says: "Hi John. How are you?”

    98. Sara. Reese says: “Hi Sara, how’s Jersey?”

    99. Kim. Reese says: “Hi Kim! How are you? How’s Phoenix? I was just there.”

    100. Barb. Reese says: “Hi Barb. How are you?”

    101. Brian. Reese says: “Oh hey, Brian from Kingston Pennsylvania”

    People Reese Witherspoon politely humblebrags to about being in the Caribbean:

    102: Benjamin

    103. Laura

    104. Heather

    105. Stephanie

    106. Katie

    107. Nathaniel

    108. Jordan

    People Reese Witherspoon tells to go back to work:

    109. Abigail

    People Reese Witherspoon says "hi" to named "Bubba":

    110. Bubba from Georgia

    People Reese Witherspoon gives advice to for moving to LA:

    111. Cherish

    Australians Reese Witherspoon acknowledges:

    112. Hailey

    113. Allison

    People Reese Witherspoon gives good haircut wishes to:

    114. Madison

    People Reese Witherspoon confesses her love of boiled peanuts to:

    115. Susie

    People Reese Witherspoon talks about vacationing at Myrtle Beach to:

    116. Lauren

    People Reese Witherspoon says either "Aloha" or "Hola" to:

    117. Lupita

    118. Ashley

    119. Amanda

    People Reese Witherspoon says "that's so cool!" to:

    120. Reese says: “Chris taught his horse how to bend and snap? That’s so cool!”

    121. Reese says: “Adrianna quotes Legally Blonde everyday. That's so cool!”

    122. Reese says: “Hi Marie. You’re from Ireland? Oh my gosh, that’s so cool!”

    People Reese Witherspoon talks to about Sarah Michelle Gellar's kids with:

    123. Tony. Reese says: “Tony, I do stay in touch with the cast of Cruel Intentions. Actually, my son goes to school with Sarah Michelle Gellar’s son so they’re really good friends. And I love seeing her. It’s really fun.”

    124. Kenneth. Reese says: "I am friends with Sarah Michelle Gellar. She’s amazing. Our kids are in school together and I love her so much!”

    Places Reese Witherspoon "loves it there":

    125. Reese says: “Hi Aingsley and you’re in Huntington, West Virginia. I love it there.”

    126. Reese says: “Susan is from Greenville, SC. I love it there. It’s so nice.”

    People Reese Witherspoon calls "honey":

    127: Caitlin

    People Reese Witherspoon "loves that they love" the thing she's in:

    128. “Bonnie, I love that you love Legally Blonde.”

    129. “Hi Laura, I love that you love Wild.”

    130. “Thank you Vanessa. I love you that you love Madeline on the show.”

    131. “Hi Amy! Oh, I love that you love Walk The Line. That was a really fun part to play.”

    132. “Oh Kimberly, that’s such a nice thing for you to say about Wild. I love that you love it.”

    133. “Lenora, I love that you love the show. We love doing the show.”

    134. “Hey Holly! I love that you love your Birch Box. That was super fun to pick out. I picked out all the things in it. It was really fun.”

    135. “Thank you Curly, I love that you love Sweet Home Alabama.”

    Entire countries Reese Witherspoon says hi to:

    136. South Africa

    People Reese Witherspoon makes small talk with about Colorado:

    137. Allison

    138. Nicole

    139: Stacey

    People Reese Witherspoon talks about New Zealand with:

    140. Lisa

    141. Marie

    142. Caitlin

    People Reese Witherspoon talks about something bad happening on the road:

    143. Leslie. Reese says: “Oh no! Leslie’s in traffic, something bad happened on the road!”

    People Reese Witherspoon says "I love that!" to:

    144. “Hi Sherry! You’re in Illinois. I love that!”

    145. “Hi Tammy from Alabama. I love Alabama.”

    146. “Katie, actually Sweet Home Alabama was filmed in Atlanta. We weren’t even in Alabama haha. But I love Alabama.”

    147. “Hi Penny. Thank you, I love that.”

    148. “Hi Cassian! Oh! You went to law school because of Legally Blonde?! I love that!"

    149. “Hey Dana, your nickname is Reese? I love that!”

    150. "Jillian is watching from Beauford, South Carolina. I love that town! The most prettiest houses ever!”

    People Reese Witherspoon says "thank you" to:


    152. Christina

    153. Nessita

    154. Aiden

    155. Jeremy

    156. Brandon

    157. Natalie

    158. Heather

    159. Jennifer

    160. Chloe

    People Reese Witherspoon almost saw at Disneyland:

    161. Kira

    Other random people Reese Witherspoon aknowledges:

    162. Dorothy

    163. Tracy

    164: Jana

    165. Patricia

    166: Britney

    167/168: Janelle and her daughter Lila

    169. Kendall

    170. Mike

    171. Matt

    172. Lynne

    173. Samantha

    174. Kenneth

    175. Jaycie

    176. Stephanie

    177. Christina

    178: Krista

    179. Susan

    180. Roxanne

    181. Amy

    182. Sasha

    183. Taryn

    184. Ashley

    185. Patricia

    186. Rob

    187. Christina

    188. Jamie

    189. Emma

    190. Brittney

    191. Dyanna

    192. Angela

    193. Melissa

    194. Dan

    195. Denise

    196. Rene

    People Reese Witherspoon wishes happy birthday to:

    197. Crystal

    198. Christina's baby girl

    199. Melissa

    People Reese Witherspoon says look like her:

    200. Barry's twin sister

    201. Alyssa

    People Reese Witherspoon talks to about Alexander Skarsgård fake dick with:

    202. Vicki


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