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A Comparison Between Taylor 2015 Vs. 2016 4th Of July Parties

A dissection.

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Everyone knows that the most exclusive and OTT party of the summer is Taylor Swift's annual 4th of July famous people clusterfuck extravaganza. It's like a real-life version of a party Blair would throw on Gossip Girl, and this year Taylor even invited Blake Lively to make it that much more authentic.

When the 2016 party pics hit the web, I noticed significant changes between Taylor's 2015 and 2016 parties.

The world is basically a different place now.

The interesting thing about the 2015 party vs. the 2016 party is that there are a bunch of photos from 2015 that were deleted in The Great Taylor Swift Social Media Purge of 2016.

Taylor's deleted insta

There were also a few deleted in the significantly less publicized "Joe & Gigi Cleanse" lol.


2016's party, on the other hand, appeared to have a more polished, controlled vibe. Most of the pics went online at around the same time, almost as if Taylor had her own personal embargo on when the photos could be posted. Most of the pictures were also professional.

It's like Taylor had someone follow her around taking professional Instagram pictures the entire time aka the dream.


In 2015, party activities included a group cake-decorating moment.

Instagram: @serayah

...and again, posing with miniature flags.

2016's party also had matching bikinis.

It appears that Taylor has upped her party favors with the bikinis in 2016.

It should also be noted that the American flag onesies were repeated in 2016.


The two have since broken up. This year, Gigi is dating Zayn. Things change...people move on.


Nothing really at all, shit happens people change, but I can't wait to see pics from next year!