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Posted on Sep 18, 2015

19 Guys Who Were Hot Then...Who Are Even Hotter Now

Alternate title: 19 Dads.

1. Chad Michael Murray then: *Douche chills*

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Chad Michael Murray now: *Body shivers* (not in an "I have a cold" a "phewww he's raising my temperature and this isn't scurvy")

2. Seann William Scott then: Literally Stifler. He would sleep with your mom

Seann William Scott now: Muscle dad (I've seen pics)

Rob Kim / Getty Images

3. Shane West then: Nightmare-like

Chris Weeks / Getty Images

Shane West now: Dad of Disneyland

4. Freddie Prinze Jr. then: Twink

Freddie Prinze Jr. now: Silverdaddy

Hope you had fun at the Boxing HoF @WayneMcCullough because tomorrow ... Pain! #🍀VS🌵

5. Devon Sawa then: He played with ghosts

Devon Sawa now: He can play

.@Bug_Hall Here's what that kid from now and then looks like RIGHT NOW with no beard (cause he sucks at growing one)

6. Adam Brody then: Puffy teen-ish

Adam Brody now: Basically the same but less puffy and with a hot mustache

Getty Images

7. Joshua Jackson then: Obsessed with pleather

Joshua Jackson now: Obsessed with that beard

8. Usher then: lol

Usher now: hmu

9. Ashley Parker Angel then: *Squints*

Ashley Parker Angel now: *Grinds teeth*

10. Omarion then: Sure.

Scott Gries / Getty Images

Omarion now: SURE!

11. Josh Hartnett then: He wore sheer shirts


Josh Hartnett now: He hopefully doesn't wear sheer shirts. (Or he could. I really wouldn't care.)

Getty Images

12. Nick Jonas then: An actual little boy

Kevin Winter

Nick Jonas now: An actual muscle queen

13. Ryan Phillippe then: Hung out on rocks


Ryan Phillippe now: Should only hang out shirtless


14. Joseph Gordon-Levitt then: An alien

Joseph Gordon Levitt now: Probably still an alien but hotter

Jason Kempin / Getty Images

15. Mark-Paul Gosselaar then: Cowboy?


Mark-Paul Gosselaar now: COWDAD.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

16. Marlon Wayans then: Wore a beeper

George De Sota / Getty Images

Marlon Wayans now: Wears that bulge

Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images

17. Jesse Bradford then: That guy in Bring It On

Universal Pictures

Jesse Bradford now: That guy in your dreams

Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty Images

18. Rider Strong then: Hick-ish Hot-ish


Rider Strong now: He has a dog —> instantly hotter

19. Paul Rudd then: Hot

Paramount Pictures

Paul Rudd now: Literally the same

Jamie Mccarthy / Getty Images

Take me. Bye.

Joyce Lee for BuzzFeed

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