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    21 Artists You'll Be Shocked Don't Have A Grammy Because Homophobia Is Real

    Gross. All of it gross.

    1. Stacie Orrico

    Twitter: @stacieorrico

    Music insiders and cool indie folk still talk about how corrupt the academy is for never recognizing Stacie Orrico's enormous contribution to music.

    2. Christy Carlson Romano


    "We Went To The Moon In 1969" was *that bitch.* Christie Carlson Romano turned it the fuck out, if only she was rewarded for it.

    3. The nuns from "Sister Act"

    Paramount Pictures

    They were gorgeous vocalists with a message that resonated with millions. Can you imagine how iconic their acceptance speech would have been, all those nuns up there on that stage?! I'm shaking.

    4. Lindsay Lohan

    Universal Music Group

    "Bossy" was the song of generation.

    5. B*witched

    Sony Music

    Let this sink in: "Riverdance" won a Grammy but B*witched did not. While there is room for two Irish music groups, I think we can all agree B*witched was 72 times more iconic.

    6. Hoku

    A singer with a unique perspective and message: She was NOT "just another dumb blonde."

    7. Dream


    8. Samantha Mumba

    To be honest, "Baby Come On Over" should have swept every major category.

    9. Willa Ford

    Imagine being Steely Dan and knowing you won an award over Willa Ford? That's gotta suck.

    10. M2M

    Frankly, the academy is anti-Norwegian for not honoring these Norwegian legends.

    11. Jennifer Love Hewitt

    It makes me physically ill that "Barenaked" didn't win Best Folk Recording in 2002.

    12. Danity Kane

    Bad Boy Records

    The indie legend supergroup of the mid-'00s that were, I guess, too ahead of their time for the Grammy voters.

    13. Vitamin C

    If only there was a Grammy for "Best Song That Made 13-Year-Olds Cry Before Middle School Graduation."

    14. Paris Hilton

    Yes, "Stars Are Blind" should have won "Best Pop Vocal" but it's nuts "Nothing In This World" didn't win "Song Of The Year." A lyrical masterpiece.

    15. Aly & AJ

    Best duo of the '00s period.

    16. Brooke Hogan

    "About Us" changed lives. Norah Jones wishes she was half as relevant as Miss Hogan.

    17. Isabella, the Italian pop star


    It's disgusting to think we live in a world where "What Dreams Were Made Of" wasn't properly honored for the art that is truly is.

    18. Kim Zolciak

    "Google Me" was robbed.

    19. Tyra Banks


    The academy should have noticed "Shake Ya Body." It deserved much more than just a shitty premiere after a random season of "ANTM."

    20. Mandy Moore, specifically for music from the motion picture "A Walk To Remember"

    "Cry" and "Only Hope" were (almost) better than "My Heart Will Go On." Almost.

    21. Khia


    The Grammy's can kiss my ass for not awarding a Grammy to Khia for ass-eating anthem, "My Neck, My Back."

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