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These 22 Celebrities Lost Their Sense Of Taste And Smell Because Of COVID

From Doja Cat not being able to taste bacon to Bryan Cranston's lasting for months.

The CDC lists "new loss of taste or smell" as a potential symptom of COVID-19. Most people regain these senses after a few weeks, but some still haven't. Here's a list of celebrities who experienced this very peculiar symptom of COVID and what it was like for them.

1. Doja Cat:

I couldn't taste bacon and my legs hurt.

What it was like for her: She told Capital XTRA, "It was a four-day symptom freak out, but I'm fine now." She also couldn't taste bacon.

2. Neil Patrick Harris

Neil Patrick Harris posing with his husband David Burtka

3. Jim Parsons

4. Alyssa Milano

5. Bryan Cranston

6. Jack Nicklaus

7. Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales also spoke to staff about losing his sense of taste and smell when he had #coronavirus and said he is still feeling the effects of the virus now. Many weeks later.

What it was like for him: He felt the effects of the virus for weeks. He also lost his sense of taste and smell.

8. Von Miller

9. Anna Camp

10. Gavin Creel

11. Rudy Gobert

Just to give you guys an update, loss of smell and taste is definitely one of the symptoms, haven’t been able to smell anything for the last 4 days. Anyone experiencing the same thing?

Mike Stobe / Getty Images

What it was like for him: He was one of the first athletes to report losing his loss of taste and smell in March.

12. Daniel Dae Kim

13. Aaron Tveit

14. Lena Dunham

15. Andy Cohen

16. Rita Wilson

17. Hugh Grant

18. Charlie Hunnam

19. Stephen Amell

20. DJ Jazzy Jeff

21. Gloria Estefan

22. Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson

😂👏🏾👏🏾🥃 Love it and thanks for the laugh. And my sense of taste is still checked out. #mahalocovid

Kevin Mazur / Getty Images

What it was like for him: He said in an Instagram video that the coronavirus was one of the most challenging and difficult things he had to endure as a family.