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    30 Of The Gayest Pictures Of LGBT People As Kids

    These pictures are the best. End of story.

    A few years back (and still to this day), a blog called "Born This Way" collected photos from LGBT people showing their younger gay selves. We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the gayest picture they took as a kid. Here's a truly, honestly amazing collection of pictures that will make your day.


    Instagram: @ginjah_ninjah

    "Skinny arm. For. Days." —ginjah_ninjah


    "My camp counselor took this pic of me dancing to “Oops… I Did It Again” when I was eight. I was OBSESSED with Britney Spears at the time and I still love the song to this day. I came out when I was 18 and it’s nice to know that I was just as fabulous at eight as I am now." —jordanj13


    "Looking really Cuban with the outfit and really gay with the background, very accurate!" —davidfernandof


    "Safety orange, mullet bangs…clamming. This photo always makes me chuckle, look at that little lezzie." —nikkir4254850db


    "When I was five, my twin sister and I were her Hercules and Meg for Halloween. I did not like my Hercules costume so I made us switch and I’m clearly much more content as Meg." —mattr46cce2338


    "Came across this picture a couple years ago and couldn’t quite believe it. I’ll let it speak for itself. #babybutch" —maddief4413102cd


    "I don’t know quite remember why I did this, but I mean…I wasn’t mad. I mean, check out that smile." —marshallamplify


    "I brokebacked before Brokeback." —ivancommajoseph


    "I was 3 and demanded I wear those flowers. Because I was what…SICKENING!" —ajw3


    "Me around 4 or 5, dancing to Whitney Houston’s 'Queen of the Night.' I still love that song." —smeredith89


    "Me: I’m gay.

    Parents: What? No you’re not."



    "My older brother and I back in ‘97. Gay then, gay now." —geoffreyg4


    "When I was a little boy, I was allowed to play with dolls. After I came out to my family I asked my mom why she let me and she simply said, 'You wanted them so bad and I wanted to make you happy.' Clearly from my face you can tell I was happy." —jonathanm416a87015


    "My Halloween costume when I was in the fifth grade! I wanted to be a girl that year so bad. I was 10…. and somehow my family didn’t catch on! Lol." —e4fd78b80d


    "Walking and already fabulous." —Chris


    "Even at 3 years old I knew I had a bright future ahead of me as a Tina Turner impersonator." —whatamidoinghere


    "Back when I wanted to be a ‘fixer’ and my wardrobe consisted mainly of cargo pants and dragon T-shirts. I’m currently sitting here in basketball shorts and a Spider-man T-shirt, so I really shouldn’t judge younger me’s fashion sense. I think exactly no one was surprised when I came out." —StarBurned


    "Very embarrassed I wasn’t wearing Andrew Christian briefs." —Jon-Michael Poff


    "Serving Grey Gardens Little Eddie realness! Light blue slip, red cape, and a black du-rag. I believe this is the best costume for the day. As I recall, I was putting on a show in the chicken coop…. because that’s normal." —whitneydubsr


    "I’ve always wondered why my parents thought I was gay. Now I know why…" —tylerl422d13561


    "I look so fucking stoked. Transguy who still now wears a leather jacket and killer glasses." —ollieow


    "I used to play Pretty Pretty Princess with my sister and cousins. Then we would tango to 'Tango Maureen' from Rent." —jakew4cc132ea6


    "What can I say? I have a flair for the dramatics." —ANDY


    "I mean, come on… what little boy doesn’t want to be Sailor Moon instead of Tuxedo Mask for Halloween?" —Padawan Ryan


    "I would vacuum the carpet while wearing this. And I called myself Jeanette. #DragQueenAspirations." —adamlewis


    "Here's my baby lesbian picture circa 1999. I was really hoping my parents would use this as a headshot, I still don't know why they didn't..." —strobertson9


    "I’m the sassy lion in the front." —akenigsberg


    "1992: I used to build shelves with my dad, but only while wearing my Mickey construction shirt and with stamps on my arms to represent tattoos. Grew up to be very gay." —Britt


    "Making duck face since I was 2." —seanh27


    "Think this about sums it up…" —brandonm28

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