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A Clip Of Adele's Reaction To Harry Styles Winning Album Of The Year Is Going Viral, And It's Only 4 Seconds But It's Pretty Dang Messy

"Adele was so real for this."

Every awards show, two celebrities bond and everyone is like "OMG they are friendship goals."

Adele and Lizzo stand next to each other as they have their photo taken by their table at the Grammys

Adele and Lizzo were that friend group at the Grammys this year.

Selfie as Beyoncé casually makes herstory 🥹🤯

Twitter: @lizzo

The two sat together for most of the show...

What a memorable moment with Lizzo and Adele 🤣

CBS/Twitter: @SteveBmSu

...and they *really* enjoyed each other's company.

CBS/ Twitter: @adelesmyqueen

One common interest seemed to spark their bond.


Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for The Recording Academy/ Twitter: @lizzo

They were essentially Beyoncé's own personal cheer squad.

And now, one 4-second clip of one of their interactions is going viral...

So, you definitely know this, but Harry Styles won Album of the Year, and people are real, real mad about it.

Harry giving his acceptance speech on the Grammys stage

But Adele's reaction to him winning is turning into the *real* viral moment.

Here's that reaction:

CBS/ Twitter: @horse_updates

The clip is only four seconds, but there's really so much going on.

First of all, someone yelled "Beyoncé" during his speech.

Someone yelled “BEYONCÉ” while Harry was giving his speech 😂 #GRAMMYs

CBS/Twitter: @BeyHiveHD

Second of all, Lizzo's laugh.

Lizzo laughing at adele leaving during Harry’s speech sjdks

CBS/Twitter: @pIanetlalisa

And lastly and most obviously, the shot of Adele leaving.

CBS/Twitter: @miahmoriarty

She said pip pip goodbye!

There's actually another angle where you can see Adele's reaction to Harry's name being announced as the winner.

Here's that clip:


Fan view of #harrystyles winning the #aoty catagaroy at the grammys. Lizzo is all of us 😂 #harrystylesvids #harryshouse

♬ original sound - Zeek Elliott

We can see another reaction in this screenshot too:

Adele looks on as Lizzo hugs Harry

: D

A close-up of Adele's face

Anyway, that's the current discourse, and do with it what you want.

They all got their Grammys, so everyone wins!

Adele laughing as she holds her Grammy backstage