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14 Reactions To Harry Styles Winning Album Of The Year Over Beyoncé At The 2023 Grammys

The Beyhive is...not pleased.

The 2023 Grammys went down tonight — and when it came to Album of the Year, there was a bit of an upset.

A Grammy Award on display

Basically, it was expected that Beyoncé — who, to date, has never won Album of the Year — would take home the prize for Renaissance.

However, that...didn’t happen. Instead, Harry Styles took home the prize for his blockbuster album Harry’s House.

He looked surprised, too.

A little uncomfortable, even.

Of course, Twitter had some thoughts on what transpired. Here's what people have been saying — and, for the Harry fans out there, we're just sharing these, so don't get mad at us:


They really gave aoty to harry styles over Beyoncé ???¿

@barybonss / Twitter / Bravo / Via Twitter: @barybonss


kinda feel like harry styles winning over beyonce was engineered by someone who hates harry styles with an unrivaled passion. it would be the perfect plan…to give him the moment of a lifetime but stain it with the justified outrage and hate of millions

Twitter: @poeticdweller


Listen, @Beyonce made history tonight! She of course wins OUR album of the year but let’s also recognize that Harry Styles has been doing his thing too and very deserving! Let’s celebrate and show love! Thats literally what her album is about 🎉💃🏾🫶🏾 #GRAMMYs

Twitter: @JustTori_xoxo


not beyoncé and kendrick losing album of the year to harry styles during black history month???

Twitter: @yEeyEe006


kendrick or beyonce did not win aoty and harry styles won

@bananamilk0331 / ESPN / Twitter / Via Twitter: @bananamilk0331


What was Ben Afflecks facial expression like when Beyoncé lost to Harry Styles? I need to know.

@ldb1983 / Via Twitter: @ldb1983


No way did beyoncé lose to harry styles of all people #GRAMMYs

@nfrmidnights / Via Twitter: @nfrmidnights


Harry Styles is British, innit bruv? He respects the monarchy. Give your Album Of The Year to Queen Beyoncé. #GRAMMYs

@CainMcCoy / Via Twitter: @CainMcCoy


Harry Styles. Won Album of The Year. Over Beyoncé and Adele? HARRY STYLES? WON ALBUM OF THE YEAR? OVER BEYONCÉ AND ADELE?!

@theeefairytype / Via Twitter: @theeefairytype


harry styles no hatred towards you but you might need to watch your back because beyoncé stans are coming for you

@taysute17 / Via Twitter: @taysute17


About to start a I hate Harry styles Facebook group cause why tf Beyoncé ain’t win

@Hyunsseobie / Via Twitter: @Hyunsseobie



@blaiser8201 / ABC / Via Twitter: @blaiser8201


harry styles over beyoncé is like macklemore winning in 2013 level debauchery

@ilyclemmie / Via Twitter: @ilyclemmie


Two things can be true at once: 1) Beyoncé has been historically snubbed by the Recording Academy and deserves her flowers 2) I can be a Harry Styles fan and be happy that he won an award when I’ve watched his career grow while also acknowledging his privilege

@oiiviahaggie / Via Twitter: @oliviahaggie

Which Album of the Year nominee was your favorite? Share in the comments below!