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    29 Hot Guys From The Early 2000s Then And Now, And Who They Ended Up Dating/Marrying In Real Life

    There is still hope for some of us.

    Long, long ago, we were all just teens thirsting after boy bands and hot guys in movies.

    an old woman on an iPad
    Agf / Universal Images Group via Getty Images

    So I thought it would be fun to look at whom our crushes ended up marrying, and here's what I found:

    1. Chad Michael Murray then:

    baggy pants with an untucked messy suit
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Chad Michael Murray with his wife Sarah Roemer now:

    And, just for fun, here's a subtle thirst trap showing off his Teen Choice Awards surfboard he won 18 years ago.

    2. Shane West then:

    shane has spiky, gelled hair
    Chris Weeks / Getty Images

    Shane West now. He appears to be single:

    Someone snap him up!

    3. Freddie Prinze Jr. then:

    Warner Bros. Productions

    Freddie Prinze Jr. with his wife (SMG, duh lol) now:

    They're one of those couples that post completely unstaged natural kissing photos:

    4. Devon Sawa then:

    Devon is in a large leather jacket, very '90s
    Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    Devon Sawa and his wife Dawni Sahanovitch now:

    devon and his wife on a red carpet in 2019
    Amy Sussman / Getty Images

    Here's a shirtless, masked selfie just because he wanted to share:

    5. Adam Brody then:

    adam has the 2005 shaggy haircut every guy had
    Getty Images

    Adam Brody and his wife, the one and only Leighton Meester, now:

    leighton and adam smiling on set
    Kelsey Mcneal / Getty Images

    6. Joshua Jackson then:

    joshua is in a large pleather jacket
    Getty Images

    Joshua Jackson and his wife Jodie Turner-Smith now:

    And here's a pic of them sharing a tender pregnancy moment:

    7. Usher then:

    a fur coat and shiny clothing
    Getty Images

    Usher with his girlfriend Jennifer Goicoechea now:

    usher and his pregnant girlfriend cradling her pregnant belly
    Kevin Mazur / Getty Images for iHeartMedia

    8. Ashley Parker Angel then:

    ashley has long hair with a fedora
    Brian Zak / Getty Images

    Ashley Parker Angel now. He appears to be single:

    He's VERY into posting pictures in his underwear:

    9. Omarion then:

    omarion is at the VMAs in a very 2007 outfit
    Scott Gries / Getty Images

    Omarion now. He appears to be single:

    omarion performs with huge arms in atlanta
    Prince Williams / WireImage / Getty Images

    And here's a little thirst trap just because:

    10. Josh Hartnett then:

    he's looking through the opening of a chair
    Ron Davis / Getty Images

    Chairs are so difficult!!!

    Josh Hartnett with his long-term partner Tamsin Egerton now:

    he's in a red suit and she's in a cool corduroy dress
    Chris Jackson / Getty Images

    11. Nick Jonas then:

    the jonas brothers in ed hardy couture
    Steve Granitz / WireImage / Getty Images

    Nick Jonas and his wife Priyanka Chopra Jonas now:

    12. Ryan Phillippe then:

    ryan with hair that looks like ramen noodles
    Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

    Ryan Phillippe now:

    According to Radar Online, his "secret girlfriend" is Bailey Dodge:

    And here's a thirst trap:

    13. Joseph Gordon-Levitt then:

    a press shot from "3rd rock"
    Nbc / Getty Images

    Joseph Gordon Levitt and his wife Tasha McCauley now:

    the couple is covered in blood singing onstage
    Randy Shropshire / Getty Images

    14. Mark-Paul Gosselaar then:

    mark paul is in light jeans and plaid.
    Nbc / Getty Images

    Here he is with his one true love Kelly <3

    Peacock / Getty Images

    Just kidding, this is his wife Catriona McGinn:


    15. Marlon Wayans then:

    with his brother and a large cellphone
    George De Sota / Getty Images

    Marlon Wayans now. He appears to be single:

    But good news! He still wears a Bluetooth:

    16. Jesse Bradford then:

    on a red carpet with leelee
    Universal Pictures / Getty Images

    Jesse Bradford with his wife Andrea Watrouse now:

    He's very earthy:

    17. Rider Strong then:

    rider is with corey in a promo shot for &quot;boy meets world&quot;
    Abc Photo Archives / Walt Disney Television via Getty

    Rider Strong and his wife Alexandra Barreto now:

    18. Mario Lopez then:

    mario is shirtless with zack
    Nbc / Getty Images

    Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Laine Mazza now:

    And here he is in his onesie that *changed* me and a generation of gay people:

    19. Paul Rudd then:

    paul rudd smiling
    Paramount Pictures / Getty Images

    Paul Rudd with his wife Julie Yaeger now:

    the couple is at the golden globes
    Valerie Macon / AFP via Getty Images

    20. Kevin Richardson then:

    kevin is on a chair with a spiky haircut
    Picture Alliance / picture alliance via Getty Images

    Kevin with his wife Kristin Richardson now:

    21. Lance Bass then:

    lance is holding an nsync marionette
    Rj Capak / WireImage / Getty Images

    Lance with his kids and husband Michael Turchin now:

    22. Nick Carter then:

    nick is standing on a chair
    L. Busacca / WireImage / Getty Images

    Nick and his wife Lauren Kitt Carter now:

    23. JC Chasez then:

    jc has an original karen haircut
    Ron Wolfson / WireImage / Getty Images

    JC and his girlfriend Jennifer HuYoung now:

    24. Joey Fatone then:

    joey has his bright red ronald mcdonald hair
    Bob Berg / Getty Images

    Joey and his girlfriend Izabel Araujo now:

    they are at the critics&#x27; choice red carpet
    Rich Fury / Getty Images

    25. Brian Littrell then:

    brian has baggy silver shorts and a baby blue sweater
    L. Busacca / WireImage / Getty Images

    Brian (probably scrolling Parler) and his wife Leighanne Littrell now:

    26. Nick Lachey then:

    nick is with jessica simpson
    Ron Galella / Ron Galella Collection via Getty Images

    Nick with his wife Vanessa Lachey now:

    27. Jeff Timmons then:

    jeff is with nick lachey
    Barry King / WireImage / Getty Images

    Jeff and his wife Amanda Timmons now:

    28. Howie Dorough then:

    howie is in a press shot from 1998
    L. Busacca / WireImage / Getty Images

    Howie and his wife Leigh Anne Dorough now:

    29. And last but not least, my favorite, AJ McLean then:

    aj has his hands extended and rose-colored glasses
    L. Busacca / WireImage / Getty Images

    AJ and his wife Rochelle DeAnna McLean now: