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    I'm Weirded Out By These Captions From Celebrities Written In 2019 Just Before 2020, Because We Really Had No Idea What Was Yet To Come

    Hindsight truly is 20/20.

    1. A weird and creepy thing I like to do because I'm a sad loser is to go back and look at pictures of celebrities on New Year's Eve in 2019.

    2. "I can’t wait to see all that 2020 has to bring," said Nick Jonas on the last day of 2019, which like, looking back sure about that Nick?

    3. "I can see clearly now...2020!," said Courteney Cox. Her creepy-ass open-eyed kiss almost almost makes it seem like she's having a vision.

    4. We were all so naïve. So optimistic. So wrong. "Bienvenido #2020," said Ricky Martin.

    5. Joe and Sophie said 2019 was the best year of their lives. Then they said "2020 vision all they Way!" 👀👀👀👀

    6. Kaia Gerber basically predicted quarantine fashion when she posted her 2019 New Year's picture with the caption, "this is 2020."

    7. Lizzo's "U ready?" caption in front of 2020 ballons was especially fitting.

    8. "To lots of love in 2020" was Kim Kardashian's 2020 prediction.

    9. Kylie captioned her New Year's wish as "2020 positive vibes ONLY xx." Positive vibes, indeed.

    10. "Dear 2020!! I have 'written it all down and made it plain/plan!' I am grateful for all that you have for me! #IMREADY," said Kelly Rowland. RIGHT, LOL.

    11. Hilary Duff said, "Can’t wait to buckle up for 2020. May all your hopes/dreams and hard work come true/pay off." Well, buckle up, girl!

    12. Mindy Kaling said she was "Ready for everything 2020 has in store." To that I say, I BET!

    13. "2020 here we come!" said Drew Barrymore. Here we come is right!!

    14. Before they tried to buy the New York Mets for a billion dollars, J.Lo and A-Rod were toasting 2020. "Here’s to continued success and happiness in 2020!!!"

    15. "Can’t wait to see what this next decade brings!" said Rebel Wilson.

    16. I mean, just look at how happy Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello were in their little 2020 shades.

    17. "2020, I welcome you with so much hope and such a desire to collaborate with you to make life happy and beautiful," said an extremely optimistic Hilaria Baldwin.

    18. Reese Witherspoon was "Looking forward to all that 2020 brings." I'm not so sure about the "to ALL that 2020 brings" part.

    19. And lastly, Vanessa Hudgens' 2020 New Year's Day message was especially ominous: "2020 is so extra lol," she said. just wait.

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