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101 Things You Cared About 10 Years Ago (But Don't At All Today)

* Burns CD *

1. The TV Guide Channel.

2. Using the TV Guide Channel to actually see what's on television.

3. Feeling excited when you turned it to the TV Guide Channel and it was at JUST the beginning.

4. Looking at CDs at Best Buy.

5. CDs, in general.

6. Circuit City.

7. Being jealous of your friends for having flip phones.

8. Being jealous of your friends for having a "camera" phone.

9. Not letting people use your phone because of "minutes."

10. Ryan Cabrera.

11. Ryan Cabrera's hair.

12. LiveJournal.

13. DeadJournal.

14. Xanga.

15. Finding people you knew from school's online journals and secretly reading them and getting excited every time they posted a new entry.

16. Hotmail email addresses.

17. Yahoo email addresses.

18. Finally getting rid of your AOL email address.

19. Cingular.

20. Quoting Napoleon Dynamite

21. "Vote For Pedro" T-shirts.

22. "Jesus Is My Homeboy" T-shirts.

23. Urban Outfitters state T-shirts. Particularly "Everything's Bigger in Texas" and "Getting Lucky in Kentucky."

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24. Ja Rule.

25. Ashlee Simpson.

26. Ashlee Simpson's old nose.

27. Renting DVDs at Blockbuster.

28. Or at Hollywood Video.

29. Guyliner.

30. "Call me, beep me, if you want to reach me."

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31. The Proud Family theme song.

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32. Graphic shirts with stupid sayings.

33. Nick Lachey.

34. Liking Anne Hathaway.

35. Christy Carlson Romano and Jesse McCartney.

36. Hearing about people crying when they saw The Passion of the Christ.

37. Evanescence.

38. Verne Troyer.

39. Wilmer Valderrama.

40. Chad Michael Murray.

41. Owning a digital camera.

42. Being jealous of your friend with a cell phone that had a keyboard.

43. Sidekicks.

44. Talking about Lindsay Lohan being a good actress.

45. Good Charlotte.

46. The Atkins Diet.

47. The South Beach Diet.

48. Burning CDs.

49. Car CDs. Also CD visors.

50. CDs for every occasion!!!!

51. Hoobstank's "The Reason."

52. Sean Paul.

53. Lil Jon.

54. Von Dutch.

55. American Eagle.

56. Nipplegate.

57. Being irrationally mad at Janet Jackson.

58. Editing AIM profiles.

59. Putting lyrics in your AIM profile.

60. CONSTANTLY changing your AIM profile.

61. Away messages.

62. Constantly changing your away message.

63. AIM subprofiles.

64. Spending entirely too much time on your AIM profile.

65. Getting the right font for AIM.

66. Having a section of your buddy list dedicated to people you NEVER talked to but loved to stalk.

67. Britney and K-Fed.

68. Getting new comments on MySpace.

69. Filling out MySpace surveys.

70. Changing your MySpace layout.

71. Adjusting your top 8.

72. Being friends with Tom.

73. iPod Minis.

74. The Da Vinci Code.

75. Paris and Nicole.

76. Mandy Moore's acting career.

77. Lindsay Lohan's singing career.

78. Room Raiders.

79. Bam Margera.

80. Uncle Vito.

81. Stephen Colletti.

82. Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro.

83. The Surreal Life.

84. Peter Brady and Adrian Curry.

85. Flavor Flav.

86. Flavor Flav and Briggite Nielson.

87. Phantom Planet.

88. Mischa Barton.

89. Limewire.

90. Kazaa.

91. Ashton Kutcher's acting career.

92. The Hogan Family.

93. The Gotti Family.

94. The word "metrosexual."

95. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy.

96. Newlyweds.

97. "Is this chicken or is this fish?"

98. Flared jeans.

99. Abercrombie jeans. Actually, Abercrombie in general.

100. Ashanti.

101. Covering your arms with as many Livestrong bracelets — and all the colors and causes that came after — as you could.