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53 Reasons To Go Batshit Over The Birth Of Bill Murray

Everyone's favorite actor turns 62 years old today. Lets take a moment and remember why he's so damn awesome.

1. Because Bill Murray always knows how to have a good time

2. Because he parties in Scotland and then washes the dishes

3. Because he enjoys karaoke with strangers

4. Because of this moustache

5. Because this is how he dresses when he plays golf

6. Because he greets his fans at golf events with a kiss

7. Because he once got pulled over for drunk driving a golf cart, in Sweden.

8. Because Bill Murray is badass

These guys asked Bill for an autograph. He gave them a slow-motion walk instead.

9. Because he once punched Chevy Chase in the face before his opening monologue on SNL

10. And 'accidently' broke Robert DeNiro's nose while filming 'Mad Dog and Glory'

11. Because he randomly guest bartended at an Austin bar during SXSW

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...and only served tequila

12. Because he hangs out with RZA & GZA of the Wu-Tang Clan

13. Because Bill Murray is a ladies man

14. Because he played for the Toon Squad

15. Because of Ernie McCraken's combover

16. Because he really did bowl those last 3 strikes

17. Because 'it just doesn't matter!'

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18. Because of his cameo in 'Zombieland'

19. Because he did this on the set of 'Rushmore'

20. Because of this picture with Hunter S. Thompson

21. Because he's actually the co-owner of a restaurant called Caddy Shack with his brothers

22. Because his brother is also awesome

23. Because he doesn't have an agent. If you want him in your movie call his 800 number and leave a message.

24. Because this is what he wears on the red carpet

25. Because he plays a drum in this music video

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26. Because he was David Letterman's first guest

27. Because he thought 'Garfield' was a Coen brothers film

28. Because he was arrested at 20 years old for trying to traffic 9 lbs of weed through Chicago's O'Hare Airport

29. Because when the Cubs made the playoffs in 2003 he was filming in Italy, but his contract stipulated that he could watch every game on satellite

30. Because he ad libbed the whole Dalai Lama story

31. Because he was an ambulence chasing lawyer in 'Wild Things'

32. Because he always has time for his fans

33. Because he refuses to do Ghostbusters 3

34. Because he was almost Han Solo

35. Because he studied history and philosophy at the Sorbonne in Paris

36. Because he agreed to wear this in a movie

37. Because he annoyed the living shit out of Richard Dreyfuss

38. Because he's an excellent tour guide

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39. Because he makes rain delays enjoyable

40. Because there's a 'Songs Inspired By Murray's Life' section on his wikipedia page

41. Because this bike owner probably wouldn't even care.

42. Because he plays guitar with Clapton

43. Because he poses wearing a red scarf

44. Because he eats breakfast in bed, with beer

45. Because he drinks/eats at airport bars

46. Because he looks great in military garb

47. Because of this sweatervest

48. Because he was best friends with John Belushi

49. Because of this GIF

50. Because he inspired this guy's tattoo

51. Because he always looks good in hats

52. Because he lives on Suntory time

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53. Because he's Bill fuckin' Murray