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    19 Of The Worst TV Shows Of All Time, According To People Who Watched Them

    Maybe it's time to end shows where marriage is the prize. 🤷

    While there are plenty of amazing TV shows out there, there's also a whole lot of stinkers. However, there are also some shows that never should've been allowed to air.

    Recently, redditor u/lulzForMoney asked, "What is the worst TV show you've ever watched?"

    Here are some of the worst responses:

    1. "Queen for a Day. A few years ago, I looked up the worst TV shows, and this one puts everything to shame. It started in 1945, and four poor mothers went on the show to beg for money. The 'Queen' was chosen by a studio applause meter. This wasn't even 'fake reality' like we’re used to."

    a young widow is crowned "Queen for a Day"

    2. "I'm shocked I haven't seen Heil Honey, I'm Home mentioned. The plot was Hitler and Eva Braun living in an apartment next to a Jewish couple. No, it wasn't a joke. It was actually really a TV show. Only one episode ever aired."

    3. "There was a game show called The Chamber that lasted on air all of three episodes. Contestants were strapped to a torture chair and subjected to extreme circumstances (like super heat with fire everywhere, super cold where they are freezing) and forced to try to answer questions for prizes and money."

    a contestant locked in the chamber

    4. "Bridalplasty, where engaged women compete to win cosmetic surgery procedures in time for the big day. When a contestant was voted off, the presenter said something along the lines of 'You will still be getting married, but you won’t be perfect.'"

    a woman puts together a collage of all the operations she wants

    5. "Does anybody remember Who Wants to Marry a Multi-Millionaire? It was like The Bachelor, but they couldn't see the guy. They were literally and unabashedly only attracted to his money."

    the winner with the millionaire at their wedding

    6. "The Swan was a show where they turn 'ugly ducklings' into 'swans.'"

    the before and after of a woman's makeover

    7. "I Wanna Marry Harry. They didn’t have enough ratings and got canceled after five episodes, but the fact that these women thought they were gonna marry Prince Harry was delusional."

    a woman on a date with fake Prince Harry

    8. "The Dr. Oz Show — promoting pseudoscience that can possibly hurt, if not kill, people."

    Dr Oz claiming that masks are a medical myth

    9. "Finding Bigfoot — specifically, the episode where they thought Bigfoot wanted a dance party, so they had a rave in the middle of the forest."

    Bobo puts up party lights in the woods

    10. "My buddies and I watched Joe Millionaire when it came out because it was hilarious. Basically, all the girls were told this dude was super rich, but in reality, he was just a pretty good-looking construction worker."

    the fake millionaire and the winner

    11. "Toddlers and Tiaras. Just why?"

    Eden Wood in a pageant

    12. "Do you remember Fred from YouTube had his own show on Nickelodeon (Fred: The Show) along with three movies? I’m pretty sure they gave him another show there as well (Marvin Marvin)."

    Fred and Judy walk down the hall of school

    13. "The Chevy Chase Show from the '90s. Now THAT is terrible TV."

    Chevy smiling at his desk

    14. "Glee. I love that damn show, but I hate it so goddamn much."

    Rachel Berry singing

    15. "My Super Sweet 16 on MTV. Years ago, it was probably the only thing on television outside of the news that could make me physically fucking angry."

    a girl freaks out because her mom gifted her a Lexus a few days early

    16. "Wizards vs. Aliens. I have found no trace of it since I saw it, but I know it's real. I swear. It has to be."

    Tom uses magic to stop the aliens

    17. "Riverdale. What the hell were the writers thinking? Even the cast makes fun of it."

    Archie, Betty, and the rest of the gang

    18. "Rock of Love. Bret Michaels was in a relationship the whole time with his baby mama. What a sham!"

    Bret Michaels

    19. And finally: "America's Next Top Model...I loved it at the time, but looking back, it was just a bunch of Tyra Banks bullying young girls."

    Tyra and the judges

    Note: some responses have been edited for length/clarity.