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17 Ways Christmas Is Very Different In Australia Vs America

Deck the halls with boughs of goon sacks.

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1. On ugly Christmas sweaters.

USA: Look, we might act like these ugly Christmas sweater parties are ironic or for jokes, but honestly... the sweaters are great.

Australia: We don't really wear them... because it's summer.

2. On holiday attire.

USA: There is no such thing as too much coziness.

Australia: We're probably not going to cozy up, but we can definitely rock board shorts and a singlet… Santa hat optional.

3. On decorating your house.

USA: It's basically a competitive sport, and walking around to look at the lights is a common evening pastime.

Australia: While we're not as decoration crazy as the US we still love a decorated house, just with a little Aussie flair.


4. On snowmen.

USA: For those lucky enough to be in places that have REAL winter, snowmen are the best way to celebrate a white Christmas.

Australia: Christmas means summer and summer means the beach so therefore no snowmen… but we can always try our luck with sandmen.

5. On Christmas treats.

USA: Gingerbread houses, almost too pretty to eat. (Almost.)

Australia: It’s the holiday season so we’ll be treating ourselves to countless choccies out of a Favourites box.

7. On how Santa looks.

USA: Big beard, big suit, and rosy cheeks from that North Pole chill.

Australia: Rare footage of a Santa leaving an Aussie mall, swapping his sweaty boots for a pair of thongs.


8. On Christmas trees.

USA: Traditionalists will tell you that nothing beats the smell of a real tree, but fake trees are just so much easier.

Australia: Once you've got your $13 Kmart tree, you're all set.

11. On Christmas cake.

USA: Maybe we'll have a nice chocolate cake at dessert, but it's really more about the cookies and the pie.

Australia: You can't have an Australian Christmas without pavolva.


12. On festive animals.

USA: What's better than an ugly Christmas sweater? A puppy in an ugly Christmas sweater.

Australia: It's too bloody hot Down Under for our pooches so we keep it simple and cool with a classic tinsel look.

13. On Christmas Eve refreshments.

USA: Nothing is more polarizing than eggnog — thick and spiced and made even better with bourbon or rum.

Australia: When that Christmas Eve heatwave hits, there's nothing better than an icy cold beer.

14. On Christmas Day traditions.

USA: Basking in the glow of the Christmas morning mess — or maybe seeing a movie.

Australia: Nothing says "I got the best Chrissie pressies on the street" than an all-in family water fight.

15. On Christmas Day setting.

USA: Rich reds, greens, and golds, plus festive centerpieces.

Australia: You know you're living your best Christmas life if you're out in the Australian sunshine on Christmas Day.

17. On post-Christmas meal activities.

USA: Straight chilling by the fire.

Australia: There's nothing quite like the perfect end to a big Christmas lunch than a lounge on the beach or a float in the ocean.

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