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John Legend's Son Is Now The Same Age As That Viral "John Legend Baby"

Help us, people: which one looks more like John?

OK, a little backstory — in 2014 an aunt posted this photo of her nephew saying he looked like John Legend:

My nephew looks like John Legend lol

The tweet went viral — inspiring a bunch of memes — and her nephew was dubbed the "John Legend baby."

At BuzzFeed we've closely followed this important news story, including reports that John's wife, Chrissy Teigen, was inundated with people sending her photos of their own John Legend-lookalike baby...


And revealing what John himself ACTUALLY looked like as baby.

Now cut to May 16, 2018 when John and Chrissy welcomed their son, Miles. At the time people were jokingly wondering who would look more like John — Miles or the "John Legend baby." Of course, it was hard to tell when Miles was fresh out of the oven:

But! Being the renowned Chrissy/John reporter that I am, it occurred to me today that Miles must now be about THE SAME AGE that the "John Legend baby" was when he appeared in his viral image!

So I headed on over to Chrissy's Instagram and sure enough, he is!

Scoop: Little dude is cute.

Also, look at this shot (frame that one, Chrissy).

And here's one with dad — they DO look alike!

  1. So, everyone, tell us: Which baby looks more like John?
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So, everyone, tell us: Which baby looks more like John?
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    The "John Legend Baby"
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