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19 Struggles Of Being A Millennial Who Loves Classic Rock

"Dude, your favorite artist is old enough to be your grandpa!"

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5. Also, worrying that if you don't get tickets to see a classic rock artist when they come through town you may never get the chance to see them live again.

6. Feeling awkward when you do go to a show because you're always the youngest person there by at least a few decades.

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Yes, Neil Young could be your grandpa. Yes, everyone around you in the audience could be your grandparents. So what!


11. Getting nostalgic for a time you weren’t even alive and wishing you could go back there.

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Of course, you’d like going back to Woodstock even more if you could bring your smartphone and have it still work somehow.


14. Getting super frustrated with your friends when you mention a legendary band but they just give you a blank stare and a shrug.


You: "You seriously don't know who this is?"

Them: "I mean, it sounds kinda familiar. Like maybe a band my dad listens to." 

15. Meeting someone your age in a classic rock T-shirt and thinking you found a kindred spirit only to realize they just think the shirt looks cool.

Them: "You like my shirt? Oh thanks! I just love these little cartoon people!"

You: [dies inside]


18. Trying to have some chill on trivia night when the host asks a classic rock question.


You: "Janis Joplin."

Trivia host: "I didn't finish reading the—"


Trivia host: "That is correct."

19. And lastly, accepting that if getting to listen to amazing music means a few people think you're a weirdo — you're totally OK with that.

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