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    36 T-Shirts For The Coolest Kid You Know

    Because you're never too young to up your T-shirt game.

    1. Mac & Cheese

    Now your kid can get mac and cheese on their shirt without you having to do laundry afterward. Find it here for $14.99.

    2. Warren G's "Regulate"

    Paying homage to '90s rap is tricy-cool. Get one here for $16.

    3. I Can't Keep Calm I'm Four

    The really cool kids know their memes. Find it here for $16.

    4. Go Ahead, Ask Me About My T-Rex

    It's hard to imagine anyone ever making a shirt a kid would like more than this one. Get it here for $13.95.

    5. Oh Snap!

    Perfect for the budding photographer. Get it here for $20.

    6. For the Geometry Challenged

    Any kid who wears this into math class is a boss. Get it here for $21.74.

    7. I'm Kind of a Big Deal

    This pun really pickles the funny bone. Get one here for $14.99.

    8. Best Mix Tape Ever

    The last names of a kid's parents + date of birth = cutest shirt ever. Specially order one here for $32.

    9. Sasquatch Search Squad

    Tracking bigfoot from birth. Order one here for $13.99.

    10. I'm Only Here for the Pizza

    Kids who wear this one are a real pizza work. Get one here for $14.99.

    11. David Bowie

    Watch out, kid. Wearing a T-shirt with David Bowie on a Spanglish-language version of Rolling Stone is so cool you might freeze! Get one here for $10.99.

    12. I Eat Broccoli

    This one is best worn while ironically eating candy (just don't tell your kid that). Get it here for $20.

    13. Back to the Future

    Great Scott! Get one here for $14.99.

    14. Nirvana

    Bring grunge to the playground. Order one here for $19.

    15. I Still Live with My Parents

    Wearing this shirt becomes less cool once you reach adulthood. Get it here for $11.99.

    16. Sesame Street

    Sweep the clouds away in this T-shirt. Get it here for $24.

    17. Rosie the Riveter

    Girl power is cool. Get one here for $18.

    18. Orange Is the New Black

    The cool kids know Crazy Eyes is the best thing on the show. Find it here for $13.

    19. Super Mario Bros.

    Your kid can show off being a gamer without being obvious about it. Order it here for $18.52.

    20. The Legend of Zelda

    Be a legend on the playground. Get one here for $14.

    21. Star Wars

    Lots of kids wear Star Wars shirts, but how many do you know who wear one with a

    Stormtrooper playing video games on it? Get it here for $19.50.

    22. The Hangover

    Your kid knows who the real star of The Hangover was. Find one here for $18.

    23. Lego

    The really cool thing about this shirt is that it doesn't hurt when you step on it. Get one here for $12.

    24. ¿Cómo Se Llama?

    Your cool kid can be bilingual in punning. Order one here for $14.

    25. Got Any Grapes?

    200 million views on YouTube can't be wrong. Order one here for $17.99.

    26. Pretty in Pink

    The Duckie on this shirt is pretty cool too. Get it here for $10.

    27. Mustachioed Bill Murray

    T-shirts with Bill Murray on them are cool anyway, but this one is off the charts. Get it here for $10.99.

    28. Sloth Running Team

    This shirt has just the right amount of sarcasm for your future Bill Murray. Get it here for $14.99.

    29. Jay Z

    Kids who wear this may have 99 problems, but being cool isn't one of them. Get it here for $10.99.

    30. Rockabilly Doll in Training

    This shirt lets the world know your kid is going to be very cool, very soon. Get one here for $11.50.

    31. Charlie Brown

    Wearing this shirt makes you the opposite of a blockhead. Get it here for $14.19.

    32. Talk to the Hand

    ...because the ears ain't listening. Get a shirt that really pops out at you here.

    33. Somedays You're the Pigeon...

    Existential and subtly talking about poop. If that isn't kid-cool I don't know what is. Order one here for $14.99.

    34. John & Yoko

    Give peace a chance. Get it here for $10.99.

    35. Vampurr

    More like vampurr-fect. Order one here for $14.99.

    36. Commas Save Lives

    Knowing grammar is definitely cool. Order one here for $14.99.

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