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    29 Hilariously Ridiculous Names Real People Actually Have

    If you don't like your name, you will after reading this!

    We recently wrote about a Twitter thread that asked people to share the most ridiculous names they've ever encountered IRL, and the answers didn't disappoint:

    Well, not to be outdone, the BuzzFeed Community shared the wild names they've encountered, and dare I say they're even more hilariously memorable?

    1. "My ex has a friend named Austin Power. Most people don’t believe him when he tells them his name."

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    2. "I met a Wanda Fight. Say it fast and you'll get it."


    3. "There's an insurance agent in my city named Crystal Metz."


    4. "I live in Billings, Montana. There's this family with the last name Billings that decided to name their youngest Montana. So his name is Montana Billings."


    5. "I had a friend in high school named Clint Torres. Teachers couldn’t keep a straight face when they did roll call."


    6. "A friend of a friend from high school was named Blade McDade. It was amazing."


    7. "I work with a lady who married into the Lee family. Her maiden name is Brock and she hyphenates it, so she's Mrs. Brock-Lee."


    8. "When my mom was a drug representative she met a urologist named Dr. Richard Chop, but everyone else called him Dr. Dick Chop."


    9. "My mom went to school with a Chanda Leer."


    10. "I met a guy named Thong Song. He was about my age, which means he was an adolescent when the song came out. All I could think was, I sincerely hope he didn’t come to our country until he was an adult."

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    11. "A neighbor of mine was named Harry Bush. He was an older man, and my mom and I laughed for a solid 20 minutes when we discovered this."


    12. "I legit went to school with a guy named Trip McFall."


    13. "I worked at a call center and once talked to a girl named Precious Cox. She was super nice, I felt bad for laughing."

    14. "I knew a Ross Stritch. Try saying it out loud."


    15. "I worked at a pharmacy and had a number of customers with the same first and last name: Michael Michaels, Kim Kim, Richard Richards, Edward Edwards...but the best was Harold Harold."


    16. "When working in a pharmacy you hear all kinds of names, but I think my favorite will always be Porsche Keys. You know their parents did that on purpose."

    17. "I visited a doctor named Dr. Au. It’s pronounced 'ow.'”


    18. "I worked with a guy named Sixx Seven."


    19. "In the 5th grade I was friends with a kid named Jacob Black who moved away over the summer. This was a few years before Twilight was big. The shit he probably had to put up with in high school!"


    20. "My last name is Snowball, and my brother decided it would be funny to name his daughter Crystal Snowball."


    21. "I had an accountant in New York who was named Ronald McDonald. He was no clown, though. Best damned accountant ever!"


    22. "My dad’s dentist is Dr. Will Hurt."

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    23. "I went to school with a girl named Penny Nichols."


    24. "My mom has a friend named Candy Caine."


    25. "I'll never forget working in a clinic and noticing the name on the chart — it was Anita Duty. I literally fell out laughing but the doctor I worked for didn’t get it."

    26. "There's a doctor in my area whose professional name is Dr. Seuss. I had to look her up after seeing it on an intake form!"


    27. "My mom used to go to an ophthalmologist named Dr. Blinder."


    28. "Working in HR, I come across a lot of interesting names, including a guy I used to work with named Peter Parker."


    29. "A friend of my aunt’s married a guy named Les Bright. The worst part is that he was Les Bright the third!"


    Submissions have been edited for length and clarity.

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