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19 Reasons You’re Over Having Your Kids Home For The Summer

When does school start again?

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4. You’ve also tried Pinterest’s “fun” summer activities and seriously regretted it.

Pinterest: “Put a tent in the backyard and have a fun campout under the stars!”

You: “I threw out my back and my kid got stung by a bee! Thanks, Pinterest!”


7. You’ve spent way too much time online researching affordable things to do with your kids.


You were stoked to discover the free summer movie series at your local cineplex... until you ended up buying your kids popcorn, candy, and drinks. #SuddenlyExpensive

8. Despite all your researching, your bank account has still taken a hit.

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Trips to the water park and arcade slipped in with all the free stuff, and now you need to take out a loan to pay for it all.


11. You’ve had to listen to your kids whine that you didn’t go to Disneyland like the family down the street.

Flickr: philms / Via Creative Commons

Of course, if you did take your kids to Disneyland, then #7 is especially true for you.