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    19 Questions About Hit Songs That Will Make You Go, "Yeah, What's That About?"

    Everyone was Kung fu fighting? Like, EVERYONE?

    Have you ever been listening to a song when suddenly you were like:

    Comedy Central

    For example, you might have been like, "Hold up. Why is the rain purple? We need some more detail here, Prince!"

    Well, it seems a lot of people on Twitter have had that experience, as they quickly filled the #QuestionsIHaveForSongs hashtag with questions they have for hit songs. For example:

    1. They had a legitimate question for Meat Loaf and his song, "I Would Do Anything For Love."

    So... You'd do anything for love except "that". What is that exactly? 🤔#QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    2. This lady made a fair guess.

    #QuestionsIHaveForSongs That thing Meatloaf wouldn't do for love....was it butt stuff?

    3. There were questions for Michael Jackson, like this one about "Bad" (and a lot of his other songs, actually). is a shamone?? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    4. And then there was this question about MJ's "Smooth Criminal."

    #QuestionsIHaveForSongs Is Annie ok?

    "Annie, are you ok?

    So, Annie are you ok

    Are you ok, Annie

    Annie, are you ok?…"

    Well, was she? WE WANT TO KNOW!

    5. People wanted Lionel Richie to do some soul searching about his song (or more specifically the video for) "Hello."

    What kind of sick jerk calls a blind woman and asks "Is it me you're 'looking' for?" #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    6. Speaking of songs titled "Hello," people wondered if Adele needed to get with the times.

    #QuestionsIHaveForSongs I still want to know why Adele keeps calling that guy in "Hello" on his land line if he never seems to be home.

    Like, Adele, send a text!

    7. This guy tried to help R.E.M. and their song "Losing My Religion" out with a little parent-style questioning.

    Where was the last place you had your religion? Have you tried retracing your steps? Maybe it's in the corner... #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    8. There was this question about an apparent plot hole in the Friends theme song.

    #QuestionsIHaveForSongs If no one told you life was gonna be this way... how did your mother tell you there'd be da…

    9. John Fugelsong weighed in with a question for Ice Cube and his song "It Was A Good Day."

    So you're telling us that having to use your AK would render it a not-good day? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    10. Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" raised a geographical question.

    Where exactly is 'South Detroit'? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    Answer: Nowhere.

    11. This person took issue with the lack of specifics in Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back In Town."

    #QuestionsIHaveForSongs. Which town is it the boys are back in and what time did they get there?

    Maybe they were getting together in South Detroit?

    12. There were questions for Starship's "We Built This City."

    is rock and roll a more stable foundation than, say, cement, to build a city on? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    13. This very valid question came up about TLC's "Waterfalls."

    Why would I chase a waterfall? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    14. This guy thought Carl Douglas had some 'splaining to do about his "Kung Fu Fighting" song.

    You mean to tell me EVERYONE was kung fu fighting? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    15. They also asked this fair question, but it implies Johnny Cash was wrong about something, which, of course, can't be true.

    If you shot a man in Reno, Nev, how'd you end up doing time in Folsom, part of Calif prison system? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    16. They called bullshit on Shaggy's "It Wasn't Me."

    Seriously. If it wasn't Shaggy, then who the hell was it? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    17. They asked for clarification from The Bangles about "Walk Like An Egyptian."

    Did Egyptians have a different style of walking than we are accustomed to? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    18. They wanted to know if things worked out for Sisqo.

    Did Sisqo ever see that thong? #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    19. And they even asked why Taylor Swift's "Blank Space" didn't use this famously misheard lyric.

    Why isn't it Starbucks lovers @taylorswift13 #QuestionsIHaveForSongs

    TBH, it is a better lyric, Taylor.

    Something tells me we won't be getting many answers.


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