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    Updated on Oct 12, 2019. Posted on Oct 4, 2019

    17 Halloween Tweets From 2019 That Have Gone Viral (So Far)

    It's officially Halloween Month, y'all.

    1. First, Bette Midler — Winifred Sanderson herself from Hocus Pocus — officially kicked off the season:

    2. While this person already came 100% ready:

    everyone's like "oh it's october 1, time to prep for halloween!" you fools. you absolute morons. prep time is over. you are too late. now it b e g i n s

    3. Ditto for this guy:

    im legally allowed to say happy halloween every day for the next 31 days just like how ppl say merry christmas through the entirety of december

    4. This, apparently, is the A-plus costume (so far) of the year:

    This is one of the greatest Halloween costumes I've ever seen

    5. And this — Tana Mongeau predicts — will be the cliché costume everywhere:

    how many bitches y’all think you know that are gonna dress as a white claw/slutty white claw for halloween and claim it was their original idea.. i can think of like five off the top of my head

    6. There's also this, which, if it's not a costume, is at least memorable:

    Quiero este disfraz para halloween JAJAJAJA

    7. This guy seems to think now is the perfect time to meet someone:

    Guys will see a pretty girl and say “wow she’s out of my league” like bruh she got 30 days to find someone to match Halloween costumes with just shoot your shot already

    8. While this girl thinks Halloween can be HARD on a relationship:

    my bf is 6’2 i’m 4’9. he said he wants us to be sully and mike wazowski for halloween smh where’s the eject button

    9. This girl wasn't quite sure of her costume yet:

    I'm either a vampire or that guy in your creative writing class

    10. While this guy had a weird reason for loving Halloween:

    halloween is my favorite holiday because you can trespass on a stranger's property and make a non-negotiable demand without getting in trouble

    11. And this guy probably needs to rethink this plan:

    handing out individually wrapped candy for Halloween is bad for the environment which is why this year i'm giving all the kids an 800mg ibuprofen and some benadryl instead

    12. This person imagined what Mariah Carey is going through right now:

    Mariah Carey Waiting for the end of halloween🎄

    13. And this guy was right there with Mariah:

    It’s the 1st day of October so that means we have officially entered CHRISTMAS SEASON. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just stepping stones to the greatest holiday of them all, CHRISTMAS. 🎄

    14. This person shared a Halloween memory, LOL:

    one time I was out on halloween and there was a guy wearing a fake moustache and a priest collar and I asked him "are you someone in particular or are you just moustache priest?" and he said "just moustache priest" and I said "cool"

    15. This person is a Halloween fan on another level:

    y’all: happy halloween me,an intellectual: 🎃🎃 🎃🎃 🎃🕸️🕷🎃 🎃🕷🕸️🎃 🎃🕷👻🕸️🎃🕸👻🦇🎃 happy harry potter season 🎃🕷💀👻💀🕸️🎃 🎃🕸💀🕷🎃 🎃🦇🎃 🎃

    16. And then there's this girl, who is stressing about being behind on Halloween:

    Everyone on October 1st: Posting their first amazing well thought out and pre planned incredible Halloween looks Me on October 1st: hasn’t even kinda started even a little bit thinking about it 😂😫🤷🏼‍♀️ IM ALREADY BEHINDDDD

    17. But honestly, if THIS GUY got caught off-guard by Halloween's arrival, anyone can:

    Cant believe it’s already Halloween

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