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16 "I Can't Unsee That" Tweets That Are Hilariously On Point

"Did you ever notice that..."

1. A Ford's steering wheel looks uncannily like Roland Rat from Get Up and Go!:

Saw this online yesterday and it’s true... Once you see “Roland Rat” in the Ford’s steering wheel you can’t unsee...

2. The cameras on the new iPhone 11s look more than a little like electric stove tops:

.@MKBHD called the cameras on the iPhone 11& iPhone 11 pro a kitchen stove, and now I can’t unsee it!

3. Turn a dollar bill upside down and you'll see Batman's mask and the Batmobile:

4. Donkey Kong's mouth looks like a giant pistachio:

Donkey Kong’s mouth is a giant pistachio you can’t unsee it

5. Fred from Scooby Doo is wearing a jumpsuit under his sweater:

6. And Australia is basically a giant Scooby Doo head:

7. There actually is an "i" in "team":

Just in case you have never found the i in team. It’s always in the A Hole.

8. This Beauty and the Beast "Belle" doll looks more like Justin Bieber than Emma Watson:

O.M.G……… can’t unsee! 😂😂💀

9. Cowboys legend and sportscaster Troy Aikman looks more than a little like Jay-Z:

They said Aikman looks like Jay-Z and i can't unsee it. Lmaoo

10. And Jake Gyllenhaal looks way too much like this dog:

Im sorry he looks so much like Jake gyllenhaal in the second pic I can’t unsee it

11. Oh, and, uh, like Alex the lion from Madagascar:

Can’t unsee.

12. That standout shot from the Frozen 2 trailer is basically the distracted-boyfriend meme:

I can't unsee it. Same energy. #Frozen2

13. The moms in Pixar movies often look the same:

Why do all the Pixar moms look the same?

14. Ditto for the dads:

@AndreSegers I was gonna say the same about dads

15. The Slack logo looks like a bunch of ducks:

.@SlackHQ Once you see it, you can't unsee it.

16. And lastly, Jimmy Stewart appears to be saying "Fuck me" in this key scene from the classic It's a Wonderful Life:

You can't unsee it now