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    31 Things To Buy When You Decide It's Finally Time To Become Responsible

    Become the most responsible person you know.

    1. This magnetic meal planning notepad to help organize your meal prepping and stay on top of groceries with a tear-off grocery list.

    2. A pack of dishwasher cleaning tablets, because your dishwasher can clean the dishes, but it can’t clean itself!

    3. A John Frieda hot hair brush will give you salon-quality hair all from the comfort of your own bathroom.

    4. How Not To Kill Your Houseplant – a book made for people who are tired of buying plastic plants and want a little more challenge in their lives.

    5. Make working out fun for once with a pack of workout cards. They provide a variety of exercises that can be performed anywhere, no gym needed!

    6. A handheld vacuum that will have you questioning why you ever owned a bulky, plug-in vacuum in the first place. Not to mention, this vacuum cleans both wet and dry messes!

    7. A pet hair removal glove will allow you to continue to love your furry critter, but shed yourself of their fur. You’ll keep your house free of pet hair while giving your pet the massage of their lives.

    8. Using a makeup brush shampoo will keep your brushes clean so your sensitive skin won’t have anything to worry about.

    9. Keep your car clean with this cup-sized trash can. Why litter your car floor with candy wrappers, tissues, and receipts? This durable and leak-proof trash can has a spring door to ensure your garbage doesn't fly out while driving.

    10. A handheld steamer will help your wardrobe go from “wrinkly office intern” to “sharp executive director” in no time. Why get the iron and ironing board out, when you can simply steam all your clothes to perfection? Say goodbye to unwanted wrinkles.

    11. Drawer liners that’ll not only give some personality to your fridge, but they’ll also help your produce last longer. Now there’s no excuse to avoid eating your fruits and veggies (unless you’re allergic, that is).

    12. Foldable reusable stainless steel straws are a must when it comes to being a responsible adult. They conveniently collapse into a portable case so you can take them wherever you go — all without hurting the sea turtles. Mother Nature has a new name and it’s YOU!

    13. An Areogarden countertop garden will allow you to grow herbs right in your kitchen, no matter the season. It has enough room to grow six plants at a time! Just think about serving mojitos and bragging that you grew the basil yourself.

    14. A tongue scraper comes in handy for tackling bad breath and removing any residue from your tongue that your toothbrush didn’t get.

    15. A foot stretcher and spiky ball are great for anyone who needs to stretch out their legs but also would rather be sitting down. Great for the office or while sitting on the couch, this foot stretcher allows you to get a really deep stretch in your calves, hamstrings, and even glutes.

    16. This resourceful book knows the growing pains of trying to make it as an adult. Almost Adulting is for a wide range of people who just need that help getting this whole "being a grown-up" thing together.

    17. A clothing folding board to get that perfectly folded T-shirt. Crumpling up your clothes may have been fine in your teens, but neat and tidy folding is the way of grown-ups.

    18. This millipede drain snake will help you pull out all the hair and gross gunk that’s clogging up your drains. No need to call a plumber or use drain-cleaning products!

    19. A bottle of liquid, peeling latex will make your nails look salon perfect. Just paint the latex outside the edges of your nails before applying your polish, and your manicure will come out perfectly, no matter your skills. You’ll have everyone saying “you’ve nailed it!”

    20. A kitchen drawer organizer practically screams “responsible human being.” It’ll declutter your drawers by organizing your utensils into their proper places.

    21. A pack of cleaning tablets that’ll remove stains from all your water bottles and travel mugs, making them look brand new! They’re environmentally safe and also help remove odours that your tumbler may hold onto.

    22. Keep your oven clean with some safe and easy-to-use oven cleaner that's easy and safe to use. Admit it: you probably haven’t cleaned your oven in a while. It’s time.

    23. Believe it or not, but slime putty is great for cleaning up those nooks and crannies in your keyboard. It’ll trap dirt from those hard-to-reach places (and has a hint of lime scent, too!).

    24. A bottle of Resolve will get rid of those stubborn stains on your carpet or rug. Just spray on, wait 30 seconds, and then blot or rub the stain gently with a damp cloth!

    25. This wood polish that’ll help revive your old pieces of wooden furniture. They’ll go from worn out to practically brand new.

    26. A coat hanger organizer will prevent all your unused hangers taking up a ton of space in the back of your closet or in your storage bins. It’ll prevent them from breaking and tangling, all while looking put together.

    27. A powerful stain remover that’ll allow you to love your sink like you did before that brown gunk showed up. Rust is a friend to NOBODY!

    28. Some durable, reusable shopping bags will take your shopping game to the next level. Not only are they ADORABLE, but they’re also easy to store and great for the environment.

    29. And a grocery bag holder will come in handy every time you get home from the store and tell yourself, “I can carry it all in one trip.”

    30. You’ll really be living the grown-up life when you start rocking a digital food scale. Now you can properly weigh out portions for your recipes — no more estimating for you!

    31. Get in some activity while crunching those numbers at your desk with an under-desk peddler. It’s also great for anyone with super-fidgety legs!

    Look at you go! You’re ready to be responsible and live your best life as a motivated, full-fledged adult: