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    Updated on 25 Jan 2020. Posted on 8 May 2017

    23 Men From TV Who You Might Not Have Realised Were Total Fuckboys

    You can bet Ross Geller and Ted Mosby are on this list.

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the worst fuckboys they've seen in a TV show. Here are the unsurprisingly aggravating results.

    1. Seth Cohen, The O.C.

    The CW

    "He couldn't decide between Anna and Summer and at one point was making out with both of them on Thanksgiving! In the same house! That was a fuckboy move. But his devotion to Summer in the end and his ruthless pursuit of her (despite mental and emotional abuse) was endearing." –Stacey Rolof, Facebook

    2. Finn Hudson, Glee


    "Seriously, he was the worst. There were so many fuckboy moves that he pulled but the worst was dumping his girlfriend at a funeral. Seriously, who the fuck does that?" –bbchristensen88

    3. Damon Salvatore, The Vampire Diaries

    The CW

    "Damon from Vampire Diaries, ugh, and don't even start with the 'he redeemed himself' shit. I stopped watching when they tried to make his character all soft and put him with Elena." –Christina Kneidel, Facebook

    4. Bill Compton, True Blood


    "At first he seemed so damn innocent, then he turned out to be a liar, stalker, and total dick who the whole time just wanted Sookie's fairy juice to get high as fuck on. Get outttttaa here, bud." –Katie-Anne Patten, Facebook

    5. Archie Andrews, Riverdale

    The CW

    "Jumping from woman to woman without caring about who gets hurt, instead only caring about himself and his music. Annoying and infuriating." –maliskleinewelt

    6. Chuck Bass, Gossip Girl

    The CW

    "Chuck Bass, who for some insane reason still has a huge following. He was literally THE WORST. Misogynist, sexist, and cheater." –Rosalind Parks, Facebook

    7. Shane Walsh, The Walking Dead


    "He led on at least two different girls, Andrea and Lori, though I may be forgetting some. He told Lori her husband was dead then had a relationship with her, then tried to force himself on her once she left him when he found her husband alive. He then used Andrea for a bit of fun once him and Lori had finished."

    –Abbi Taylor, Facebook

    8. Lip Gallagher, Shameless


    "Lip Gallagher from Shameless destroys every woman he's ever touched but we still love him dearly."


    9. Ted Mosby, How I Met Your Mother


    "For a guy who wanted to settle down so badly, he went through a ton of girls. He cheated (Robin/Victoria), pushed himself onto girls who said they weren't ready to be with anyone (Stella), and convinced girls to get back together just to break up with them again (birthday sock monkey girl) – it was infuriating. What's worse is the fact he played the good guy façade. Wolf in sheep's clothing."

    –Tonya Brown, Facebook

    10. Jordan Catalano, My So-Called Life


    "I know, I know, but seriously, he hid his attraction to Angela, treated her like SHIT, then used the guy who was really in love with her to get back with her. On paper he was the worst but I still ship him with Angela."

    –Nicole Goodwin, Facebook

    11. Doug Ross, ER


    "He supposedly loved Carol Hathaway, but treated her like crap for the first half of the show until she got pregnant by him and he finally settled down with her. Whenever they weren't in a relationship together he went through a string of girls who he also treated poorly."

    –Matty Cormier, Facebook

    12. Schmidt, New Girl


    "Schmidt from New Girl is definitely a fuckboy. He had his own douchebag jar for Christ's sake."


    13. Derek Shepherd, Grey's Anatomy


    "Remember him getting mad at Meredith for sleeping around in Season 2 when he was married? Or in Season 4 when he judged her for not being ready to commit to him and their relationship after he dumped her kinda epically in Season 2 and never really apologised for it?"

    –Helena Shane, Facebook

    14. Christian Troy, Nip/Tuck


    "The ultimate fuckboy. He lied about having breast cancer just so he could get sympathy from Liz to fuck her. I love him, but also fuck him."

    –Whit N Adams, Facebook

    15. Logan, Gilmore Girls

    The CW

    "Slept with anything with a pulse, cheated on Rory and used the 'I thought we were broken up' excuse, jumped off a cliff because Rory was mad at him, and in the revival, cheated on his fiancée who he treated as an object and not a person."


    16. Drake, Drake & Josh


    "He would steal other guys' dates, took advantage of Josh, didn't care all that much about meaningful relationships, instead only about how many conquests he had. Oh, and got he got easily offended when his one girlfriend threatened his masculinity, so he challenged her to a fight."


    17. Brian Kinney, Queer as Folk


    "Justin must have really loved him because I don't know if anyone would put up with that sleaziness."

    –Nicole Herd, Facebook

    18. Danny Castellano, The Mindy Project


    "He did so much to Mindy, a goddess among us mere mortals. He sabotaged her chances at the Stanford fellowship, was a shit boyfriend while she was at the fellowship, tried to change her birthing plan when she was pregnant, and pressured her to stay home to take care of the baby. I could go on and on about the fuckboy that is Daniel Castellano."


    19. Don Draper, Mad Men


    "Every season he finds another woman to sleep with instead of the last one. The women can be his clients, colleagues, or even his daughter's TEACHER!!! Apart from that, he always cheated on his wife and 'girlfriends'. When it comes to TV fuckboys, he definitely wins the fuckboy jackpot."


    20. Joey Quinn, Dexter


    "Joey Quinn from Dexter, hands down. He would often compromise investigations because he'd sleep with a material witness!"


    21. Lucas Scott, One Tree Hill

    The CW

    "One Tree Hill is my all-time favourite show and I've seen it a million times, but until I got older I never noticed how terrible Lucas was. Stringing along Brooke and cheating on her with her best friend. Fuckboy. Plus he was whiny as fuck. He had a severe case of 'Entitled White Boy Privilege'."

    Stephanie Workman

    22. Fitzgerald Grant, Scandal


    "He's a total whiny baby and hurts everyone around him for his own selfish want of Olivia. And when she's like 'um, pass' he gets so butthurt as if she belongs to him?? He also fucks around with her feelings too in spite of her. A true fuckboy."


    23. Ross Geller, Friends


    "Ross from Friends with his whole 'I'm a nice guy' shtick. He was possessive of Rachel. He was a snobby pseudo-intellectual who played the sympathy card with his divorces, even though he was the one who called Emily the wrong name. Now that I'm older, I realise that Rachel should not have gotten off the plane."


    Submissions have been edited for length/clarity.

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