9 Snacks That Aren't Always As Healthy As They Seem

    What to snack on, and what to swap out.

    Snacking can be part of any healthy diet, but it can feel impossible to find options that are nutritious and tasty AND that keep you full.

    So we enlisted the help of registered dietitian Jessica Jones, co-host of Food Heaven Made Easy, to guide us through the snacks maze.

    In determining what qualifies as healthy, here are her rules of thumb:

    Many snacks people think are "healthy" don't actually fit these guidelines, says Jones. Here are nine common ones that you want might want to think twice about — plus her suggestions on what to snack on instead.

    1. Pre-Flavored Instant Oatmeal

    2. Fruit Juice

    3. Flavored Yogurt

    4. Granola Bars

    5. Sports Drinks

    6. Microwave Popcorn

    7. Parfait

    8. Fat-Free or Reduced-Fat Snacks

    9. Breakfast Cereal

    Happy snacking!