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    Top 5 Most Sugary Cereals To Avoid

    A new report from the Environmental Working Group found that on average, children's cereals were 34% sugar by weight, and some were more than 50%. Here are the worst offenders and some better alternatives.

    5. Froot Loops with Marshmallow

    Ahem, this is NOT a good source of Vitamin D, as the box says. With 14g (or 2.5 teaspoons) of sugar per serving, though, it is a good source of empty calories.

    4. Apple Jacks with Marshmallows

    The marshmallows bring this up to 14g of sugar per serving; without them, regular Apple Jacks are "only" 12g per.

    3. Golden Crisp

    Oh hey look, it's a Sugar Bear selling 14g of sugar in every bowl. AW.

    2. Golden Puffs

    This is actually a knockoff of Golden Crisp. Maybe Malt-O-Meal is adding the extra sugar to their version so you won't notice it's not the real thing?

    1. Honey Smacks

    There are 15g of sugar in every serving of Honey Smacks — more than any other ingredient, including actual honey.

    Being low in sugar doesn't mean high in nutrition, so add some almond milk and fresh berries to these cereals for a healthier breakfast, says food coach and nutritionist Dana James. Or try oatmeal for an easy, healthy breakfast.

    5. Crispix

    With 4g of sugar — or 1 teaspoon — per serving, Crispix isn't the best choice out there, but it's not terrible either.

    4. Rice Krispies

    Also with 4g of sugar, Rice Krispies are another decent breakfast option.

    3. Corn Flakes

    There are 3g of sugar per serving of Corn Flakes. Not bad.

    2. Cheerios

    Only 1g of sugar!!

    1. Gluten-Free Rice Krispies

    Only 1g of sugar per serving: See, Kellogg's — you can make healthy cereal!