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    50 Things To Entertain Yourself Next Time You're Bored

    Say so long to boredom. 👋

    Feeling like you have a case of cabin fever? Breaking boredom can be a challenge if you have no idea what you should do with your day.

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    We've rounded up 50 ideas to help keep you entertained no matter where you are. Check them out below:

    1. To start off, try out a new hobby you've been thinking about. It could be anything from painting to cooking.

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    2. Add some new items to your bucket list.

    Photo of notepad on top of bed and pillow, with bucket-list written on one page with a cup of coffee to the right next to a pair of glasses and a pen on the lower corner
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    3. Bingewatch your favorite series again.

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    4. Or plan a themed movie night featuring your favorite genre.

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    5. Pack your own picnic.

    summer picnic with blue, white and navy striped blanket under three small platters of fruits with cheese, peaches, pretzels, lime and another small plate with a side of fruit
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    6. Tie-dye some of your clothes.

    photo showing three tie dyed shirts drying outside in a backyard, one shirt is painted pink, purple, blue and navy, the second shirt is pink, purple and orange, the third is turquoise, purple, navy and blue
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    7. Try out a new hair color.

    photo of a woman smiling with her hair swayed to one side, her braided hair appears to be pink and blue, she is wearing a yellow shirt while also standing in front of a pink backdrop
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    8. Challenge yourself to try a new recipe.

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    9. Work on your fitness routine with a home workout.

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    10. Enjoy a long nap.

    photo of someones legs laid on a blue couch with their sneakers in front of a carpet, their legs are resting on a white pillow and they are wearing dark blue jeans
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    11. Have an instant spa day by taking a bubble bath or doing a face mask.

    Photo of two women doing their skincare routine with a spa treatment, they both have a mask on with cucumbers on their eyes, one woman is smiling while the other is resting with her mask on, they are both wearing casual clothing while on a white bed
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    12. Dive into a new book.

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    13. Get physical and try out a new sport.

    Photo of people playing soccer outdoors, the photo is mostly out of focus except to show the soccer ball laying on the grass
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    14. Dust off your old board games.

    Photo of monopoly game on a black table
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    15. Treat yourself to a little retail therapy.

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    16. Go take the scenic route on your road trip.

    photo of two people enjoying their car ride with their hands in the air
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    17. Or take your bicycle out for a spin.

    photo of a woman riding a blue bike while wearing green pants and a yellow long jacket, she has blonde straight hair and is wearing glasses
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    18. Pick up the phone and call a loved one.

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    19. Show off your creative side by starting a journal.

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    20. Or begin writing a book.

    photo of a vintage typewriter with a black piece of paper, the typewriter is on top of a blue and white table
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    21. Get some fresh air and take a hike.

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    22. Explore a new place you've never been to in your town.

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    23. Work on a DIY project.

    photo of a woman painting a wall with a blue hairband, the wall is being painted from a white to navy blue color
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    24. Organize your closet.

    photo of a large walk in closet in an apartment with the doors to the side, the walk in closet is white, brown and beige with clothes hanging neatly, above the hangers are bags, folded clothes and white storage boxes
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    25. Start a scrapbook.

    photo of a diy arts and craft table with paper shaped like flowers and accessories to be added to the paper shaped like a flower
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    26. Go for a walk around the block.

    photo of someone walking their down outside, the person walking the dog is wearing grey sneakers and blue jeans while the dog looks happy being walked, the dog is wearing a blue collar
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    27. Challenge yourself to finish a puzzle.

    photo of a dissembled blue puzzle slowly being pieced together on top of a brown wooden table
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    28. Create a custom playlist.

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    29. Learn how to mix a cocktail.

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    30. Plant a garden.

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    31. Do an at-home wine or beer tasting.

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    32. Camp in your backyard.

    photo of a green tent outdoors during the evening
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    33. Pamper yourself with a mani/pedi.

    photo of someone painting their nails a light pink color on top of a light pink wooden table, on the table is also a manicure set and additional nail polish with white flowers on the top left and a uv gel monitor on the right side
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    34. Learn a new dance routine.

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    35. Write a handwritten letter to a friend or family member.

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    36. Go thrifting around town.

    photo of a up-close hanging wrack of jackets, the jackets are a mix of fur and jean jackets
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    37. Throw a pot luck dinner for the people you're quarantined with.

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    38. Bake some sweet treats.

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    39. Learn the words to a new song — or an entire album.

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    40. Grab a deck of cards and play some games.

    photo of a deck of cards laid out on a white table
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    41. Clean your makeup brushes.

    photo showing a row of cosmetic brushes that are being dried off on top of white piece of napkin after being cleaned
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    42. Listen to a podcast.

    photo showing someone removing their over the head headphone with the sunset in the left corner
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    43. Clean out your fridge.

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    44. And organize your pantry.

    an image of pantry shelved items such as pasta, granola and other various snacks in glass containers
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    45. Make your own candles.

    a photo of candles being lit with other waxes on the table, there is oil on the left side and candle waxes in the color green, yellow, red and white on the right side
    Helin Loik-tomson / Getty Images

    46. Rearrange your bedroom furniture.

    photo of a room that is neatly put together, on the left is a bed with a blue sheet set and quilt with a white throw hanging on the edge with a book on top of it, in the middle is a stand for flowers and on the left side is a standing light
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    47. Watch the sunset or sunrise.

    photo of the sunsetting and the moon appearing while on the left is a car with three people sitting on top of the roof of the car while watching the sunset, the sky is dark blue, blue, orange
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    48. Enjoy a night of stargazing.

    photo of a silhouette of a man with a backpack staring at the milky way stargaze at night
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    49. Channel your inner child and go color.

    photo of coloring pencils in a can on the left corner while the can is on top of a table to draw on, in the middle is a pink pencil that has already colored in one portion of the table
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    50. Learn a new language.

    an image of books in no particular order with the pages showing
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    What do you do when you're bored? Let us know in the comments!