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    26 Cleverbot Conversations That Are Guaranteed To Make You Laugh

    Cleverbot is the most hilarious robot on the Internet.

    Cleverbot has learned to chat from the millions of conversations it's had with real people. These are some incredibly important and slightly worrying lessons that you can learn from talking with Cleverbot...

    1. That most people aren't thinking big enough when they have cybersex.

    2. That a truly great story requires a truly great storyteller.

    3. That there is actually a correct answer to the great enigma that is Rebecca Black's 'Friday.'

    4. That a quick wit can get you out of almost any situation.

    5. That there is only one way to beat The Sims

    6. That the alternate version of the Fresh Prince theme song is incredibly intense.

    7. That bringing up Metallica in conversation can lead to some very interesting places.

    8. That positive reinforcement is sometimes better than education.

    9. That playing at cops and robbers can be sexy sometimes.

    10. That just a little bit of lateral thinking can give you some truly excellent ideas.

    11. That you shouldn't reference Internet memes in conversation, no matter how funny you think you are.

    12. That everybody is different, and we should try not to be judgemental, but also, ouch.

    13. That love is often strange.

    14. That logic always beats rhetoric.

    15. That love is blind, but that doesn't mean it's not cute.

    16. That there is a time and a place for everything.

    17. That the "Sick Burn Switcharoo" insult technique never gets old.

    18. ... though going straight for the jugular can be pretty effective as well.

    19. That just because something starts really well doesn't necessarily mean it's going to end really well.

    20. That nobody wants to talk about Pokemon with you for very long.

    21. That when someone says they're not interested, they're probably not interested.

    22. That you should always use protection.

    23. That true wisdom is all the encouragement you need.

    24. That if you get in an argument with Cleverbot, you are probably going to lose.

    25. That you probably shouldn't talk to strangers.

    26. And that robots are very, very frighting indeed.