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29 Old School Black Actors Who Were Absolute Stunners

These flawless beaus and babes were definitely feeling their look.

1. The incredibly dashing Harry Belafonte.

2. The immensely talented and gorgeous Lena Horne.

3. Paul Robeson sporting a dashing smile.

4. The always stunning Diahann Carroll.

5. The handsome Sidney Poitier.

6. The swoon-worthy James Earl Jones.

7. The absolutely wonderful Eartha Kitt.

8. The absolutely radiant Pam Grier.

9. The gorgeous Cicely Tyson.

10. The beautiful Dorothy Dandridge.

11. The oh-so-bae Tina Turner.

12. Fred Williamson looking so fresh and so clean.

13. Lola Falana looking like a goddamn dream.

14. Janet Dubois making the camera man green with envy.

15. The always good-looking Ruby Dee.

16. The effortlessly cool Don Marshall.

17. The sexy and suave Denzel Washington.

18. Eddie Murphy rocking a cute smirk.

19. The always charming Billy Dee Williams.

20. The always poised Ethel Waters.

21. The darling Esther Rolle.

22. Clarence Williams looking handsome and mysterious.

23. The regal Nichelle Nichols.

24. The clean-cut Gregory Hines.

25. The absolutely beautiful Cab Calloway.

26. The dazzling Irene Cara.

27. The bae Richard Roundtree.

28. Mario Van Peebles, aka the baest in all the land.

29. And last but not least, the amazingly talented Fredi Washington.