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"Saturday Night Live" Proved Adele Is The Only One Who Can Unite Us All

~Listens to "Hello" on an endless loop~

Thanksgiving can be a stressful time for most Americans: You're surrounded by a ton of family members, and you may not get along with them all. Need a solution to ease the tension? Try Adele!

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This week's SNL host Matthew McConaughey, along with stars Aidy Bryant, Jay Pharoah, Cecily Strong, and others, created a hilarious video showing what life is probably like for many people surrounded by annoying family members on turkey day.

For instance, you may have that one aunt who's a little too forward and disrespectful when asking questions that can be sensitive.

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Or you may have grandparents who aren't very keen on how to appropriately address a group of people...

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So when everyone begins bickering, just play a little Adele and everybody will become entranced by the spell of her music.

Let the spirit of Adele become one with your being.

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Bless you, Adele. Ending family feuds with the power of music. 👏

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