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    17 Cheat Sheets If You're Vegetarian Or Vegan

    Or if you're just trying to eat (or spend!) a little less on meat and dairy.

    1. For going green:

    2. For packing meals with protein:

    3. Or for packing meals with fiber:

    4. For weeknight meal inspiration:

    5. Or for slow cooker Sundays:

    6. For fresh and seasonal eats:

    7. For Buddha bowl inspiration:

    8. For switching up snack staples:

    9. For grilling season:

    10. For perfect quinoa in less than 10 minutes:

    11. For easy egg swaps:

    No eggs? No problem. Find more info on substitutions at PETA.

    More ideas: 24 Vegan Desserts You Need In Your Life

    12. And for becoming an aquafaba expert:

    Aquafaba — or the liquid inside a can of chickpeas — is a vegan-friendly egg substitute that you can use in everything from baked goods to breakfast staples. Learn how to use it here.

    More ideas: 23 Amazing Foods You Can Make With Aquafaba

    13. For on-the-go salads that won't get soggy:

    14. And for killer DIY dressings:

    15. For starter swaps:

    16. For optimal storage:

    17. And for summer-ready sweet treats:

    Pureed frozen bananas + whatever mix-ins you'd like = brilliant, better-for-you soft serve that everyone can enjoy. (Is it summer yet, BTW? 😎)

    Recipe and instructions: 8 Vegan Soft Serve Recipes To Keep You Cool